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[Work book presentation] Advantage of living with grandparents

No description

Wonyoung Jang

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of [Work book presentation] Advantage of living with grandparents

Advantage of living with grandparents!! Advantage of living with grandparents! by James! Introduction!!

Did you ever have a friend
who live with their grandparents? I have many friends who live with grand parent!!
Well, actually they miss their parents, but I think
they have lots of advantage too!! First, Some parents love their child too much! First, some parents love their child too much.
second, they can learn about nature,
and finally, they can learn manners more. These days many children even don't know how to
tie their shoe string. Because parents help almost
every thing. Then children just became a puppet of
their parents. Children have to learn how to do
something. Like house work!! Seperate Collection! Dish-Washing! Clean their house shoes! Hoovering
(Vaccuming) If they didn't learn how to something,
then it'll be very kidding. Like this!
"Mom! How to use umberella?"
"Mom! Can you come to subway
station? My shoestring have come
untied." Second, they can learn about nature better! In the generation of grandparents, they play at forest, and mountain. So they know a lots of data about plants! But thesedays we live at the city. So we don't know what is this flower, what is this tree! If they live with grandparents,
they can learn these things better.
Because grand parents are old,
so children know that they should
help grandparents. What is the name of this
plants? Oh! I forgot the name! This is cottom grass! Oh!
Your memory
is really
nice! I got 100 at science,
nature class! You did a good job! Nice shot!
I think you are same as when I was young! Finally we can learn manner better! Parents usally doesn't care if their children is rude. But grandparents
live in generation, that manner is very important. So if children live with
grandparents together, it's more good enviroments to learn manner. Also they meet their parents 2~3 times a week,
so they can feel parents' important! So, they respect their parents. In conclusion!! Today I talked about advantage of
living with grand parents. I hope my
presentation persuade you enough.
We can learn knowhow of household,
and we can be a expert of nature.
And finally we can have conduct of
respect adults! Thank you for listening! If you don't meet grandparents, you wouldn't matter if they goes of not. You have to pay attention to grandparents. They'll hold you deer. Other reasons! Many parents these days have dual income. So they can't read storybook to children, or they can't sing lullaby to children. But grand parents can do that!
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