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Building Underground and Underwater

No description

Gabriela van Bergen

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Building Underground and Underwater

Building Underground and Underwater
How can building underground/underwater help our current world?
Building Underground
Underwater Buildings
There are many environmental problems in our world right now. Many of them could be solved with new ideas for building and architecture. My idea is to build underground or underwater to solve the problem of overpopulation. Maybe we could build more homes for the homeless.
Building Underground
Building Underwater
Can it be done?
Can it architecturally work? The answer is yes. We would need to build protective walls to stop the ground's pressure to break the house. The house would need little foundations, because the thick sturdy ground keeps it together. Of course there would have to be a ventilation pipe leading outside or oxygen wouldn't get in easily enough. There are flaws to this idea, but it's possible. We could build underground homes.
Has it been done?
It has been done already. Many houses have been built small, and then grow in size underground where no one sees the huge mansion. This specific mansion was built in such a way it doesn't hurt the environment. It uses local resources, and even though it's underground, it's still impressive!
Can it be done?
Underwater buildings have already been made, actually. There are many hotels that are set up in the sea, and lots of guests visit there to have the ultimate ocean experience. Jules Undersea Lodge was the first ever underwater hotel:
Pros and Cons
the buildings are better for the environment
they allow more building space
they don't need as much building material, only a thin wall
the house is very well insulated
it doesn't need to be protected against erosion
the houses can't be seen nor admired
very little light comes in
claustrophobic people will refuse to enter
the building would need a lot of air conditioning in summer
a lot of digging will have to take place, the house will not be easy to build
This is a simple, pretty vacation house.
This is a mansion with many floors leading underground.
This is a hotel that is caved into a mountain.
the hotels are enormously popular
everyone wants to go to these underwater hotels
guests can experience all sorts of activities in the ocean
the sight is amazing
it is good for the environment and it allows more space on ground
the walls have to be strong against the pressure and the erosive power of the water
materials have to be imported a long way
there has to be a steady supply of oxygen
there are a lot of things that could go wrong
claustrophobic people hate the idea
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