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West Duluth Plan Update Kris Ridgewell

Prezi #1 West Duluth neighborhood

Kristin Ridgewell

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of West Duluth Plan Update Kris Ridgewell

Neighborhood Plans Celebration November 28, 2012 At Home In Duluth focuses on five core neighborhoods
and what they need to succeed, they are:

Central Hillside, East Hillside, Lincoln Park,
West Duluth, and Morgan Park. Goal #5 - Safe & Healthy Environments Goal #1 - Housing & Real Estate Goal #2 - Income & Wealth Goal #4- Quality Education Goal #3 - Economic Activity  Building a Sustainable Community

◦A sustainable community is a good place to live, conduct business, work, and raise families.

It begins with healthy, vibrant neighborhoods.

Duluth is one of 10 initial demonstration sites for the National LISC Building Sustainable Communities Initiative

◦The distinction has brought financial resources and technical assistance to help implement a unique, comprehensive community development strategy It challenges residents, businesses, public partners, and grassroots organizations to step forward, take ownership, and work together for a strong sustainable future. Five years ago, At Home in Duluth neighborhoods completed detailed revitalization plans, focusing on the five (5) goals of LISC's Building Sustainable Communities initiative.

Each neighborhood has made tremendous progress in all of these areas. Currently, each neighborhood plan has been updated to further our success. IMPACT: THE NEIGHBORHOODS Public and Private Resources
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