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Solid liquid and gas project

This is my project for solid liquid and gas

Ali Hindawi

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Solid liquid and gas project







What is a solid ?
A solid is a matter with molecules really close together

Describe the texture, colors and shapes of a solid
These are some examples of textures shapes and colors of solids
Facts about a solids
Some solids can be squished into
different shapes
without breaking.

Some solids can be stretched.
How to make
a solid.
1.place a small container of water in the freezer.2 leave the water for several hours.3 when the liquid reaches 0 degrees Celsius it changes to a solid.
Examples of a solid
what is a liquid
A liquid is a matter with
molecules far apart.
Here are some shapes colors and textures of a liquid
Facts about a liquid ?
When water flows along a river it changes its shape to fit the river.
How to make a liquid
1Get a bar of soap to use.2 grate the soap into a bowl.3 blend the soap with boiled water.4 add glycerin.5 add ingredients.6 create the right consistency.7 pour the soap into the containers.
Examples of a liquid.
How are solids use full.
here are some examples of solids glass bowl spoon fork
if we didn't have glasses we will drink water with our hand if we didn't have bowls we will eat it from the floor if we didn't have spoons we will eat from our hands.
How use full are liquids.
a example of a liquid is water if we didn't have water we will die because nothing can live without water.Another example is soap we will have germs before we eat if we didn't have soap and that could make you sick.
My last topic is gases
What is a gas ?
A gas is one of the fundamentals of a solid liquid a and gas. a gas actually has individual atoms.
Describe the texture color and shape of a gas
what type of gases are useful ?
carbon dioxide natural gas oxygen.
facts about gases.
pure gases are made of one atom.
gas pressure is measured by a type of computer called pascal
a type of gas that is not useful
air pollution
Wikipedia monster facts steps dictionary
Wikipedia facts monster facts dictionary
Wikipedia facts fun facts dictionary
Wikipedia fun facts monster facts dictionary
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