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Nubia :D


Kaixin Mya Jiang

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Nubia :D

Nubians What are the names of the rivers
and water ways? Second,Third,Fourth,Fifth,Sixth
Cataract. The Cataract rivers where very big and deep they were very close to each other and were like brother and sister, or a family. How did they tell the Cataract rivers
a part? How they tell is that they could tell from the different shapes and the animals that live a round their! Is there any other rivers for water ways besides
the Cataract rivers? YES! Their was the...
-Red Sea
-Upper Nile River
-Blue Nile River
-White Nile River This was the most popular Red Sea! Most
people loved to go their to wash there stuff
like Clothes,Dish's, and many more stuff!
The Red Sea was known as the place where
people trade like Nubia was a very
nice civilization to trades for goods! Was their good soil for food and animals? Yes their was really good soil and they tend to farm a lot sometimes when it gets dry they would wait until it rains
because, there's no point of doing something and for it not to work! Animals This what they called dogs Cow's is what they used for
milk This animal was used for meat they would
feed it good food and then on a day they would
hunt it down for food! What was the climate like? Very hot but sometimes it rains it will be very
hard and that makes it plants grow. What was the climate like? Did they believen god? Some of them did and some didn't its like today people has their own thoughts but most people did! How was school like? Their school years were
-Math If you came to school late you
would be locked out and you would
have to wait until break to come back
in side, they also had about 3-6mins of break. Any trading? Nubia was the nicest civilization they would trade with any civilization e.g Greece, they would trade
-tools(Hand made)
-animal skin
-Cattle What hand made metals did they make/have? They loved to make -Pots
-Tins Transportation? They mostly walk and some lucky people got Camels \ Nubia Mesoptamia
Nubia I think Nubia is better then Mesopotamia because in Nubia they had very big hearts meaning they would trade, do stuff for others and team up
with others! That was my thought whats yours? Things I used.... -Book
-Prezi.com(Watched other peoples)
Thanks for listen

you all are epic! PEACE OUT <333
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