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The Cricible

No description

Margaret Wu

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of The Cricible

Other Other The other- Slave Low social position
Being a good
Racial discrimination Witchcraft Devil Consider Tituba's "other" status as a slave and a practitioner of witchcraft. An individual who is perceived by the group as anot belonging, as being different in some fundamental way. This Individual does not have the opportunity to join the dominant group. “but she is also very frightened because her slave sense has warned her that, as always, trouble in his house eventually lands on her back”(8).
It shows her poor fate being a slave and only bad thing will happen on her. “ My Betty be hearty soon”(8). “Out of here”(8).
Tituba cares about Betty but her master does not respect and contempt by her master. He even yells at her and ignores her consideration for Betty. "You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death, Tituba” (44).
Because of Tituba is black and a slave, he does not hesitate to punish her and even care about her death. Fear Sin “No, no, sir, I don’t truck with no Devil”(43).
People think that she has a dealings with devil, as a result, people in Salem will not accept her as a witch.    “I never called him! Tituba, Tituba”(42).
   Abigail tries to refer all the responsibility to Tituba. Although Tituba helps Abigail and other girls to make the witchcraft, she is not accepted by the girls.    “ TITUBA, terrified, falls to her knees: No, no, don’t hang Tituba! I tell him I don’t desire to work for him, sir” (44).
   she is afraid that she will be hand so she confess that she works with devil. Thank you
for listening Work cited
Miller, Arthur. The Crucible, United States of America: Penguin Books, 1982. Print
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