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Web 2.0 App – How-to-Guide Part 1 PREZI BTT1O

Hanna Chang

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of HOW-TO GUIDE: PREZI

Introduction! Why is Prezi useful? It's a unique way to
present your ideas. PREZI:
The How-To Guide Your presentation will be all on one canvas. Want to Register?
go to prezi.com Click on,
"sign up now" You can pick from:
Public (free)
Enjoy ($59/year)
Pro ($159/year) Fill in the Required
Information Prezi automatically
saves your work
for you! Then get started! So, How Do You USE Prezi? You use... The Bubble Tool! Each tool is used for a specific purpose With the insert tool, you can insert shapes and load files onto your canvas. The inside ring is used to move your object. Double-click on the canvas to write Move the outer zebra ring to change the angle of your object. Move the middle ring to change the size of your object. The Zebra Tool! You can even upload flash files! The path determines what order your presentation will move in. The path will look something like this. Some Helpful Tips To avoid your audience from getting motion sick, try to group your points into common topics using the frame tool. Prezi uses SIZE to represent hierarchy Hanna Chang
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