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Early Mesoamerican and South American Societies.

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Gina D'onofrio

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Early Mesoamerican and South American Societies.

Early Mesoamerican and South American Societies.
Main Idea
Early societies existed in Mesoamerica and South America
Olmec and Maya
1200 BC earliest known civilization the Olmec was developed in Mesoamerica.
The Olmec were known for their architecture and sculpture (stone work).
Olmec civilization ended around 400 BC.
Mayan culture started in small villages where they grew crops including maize.
By 200 AD the Maya began to build large cities.
These cities had: pyramids, temples, palaces, bridges and canals.
Aztec were warriors with strong military skills.
Mid 1100s AD they migrated south to central Mexico.
on the way they conquered many towns and controlled a trade network.
Tenochtitlan the capital city was founded in AD 1325 on an island in Lake Texcoco.
Trade and Tribute paid to the Aztec gave them wealth and power.

Began as a small tribe in the Andes of South America.
Capital city: Cuzco
expansion of their territory began in the mid 1400s.
by 1500s the empire stretched across the Pacific coast.
strong central government with a king s a ruler.
were known for their building and art.
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