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Social Networking


Wes Landis

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of Social Networking

InnovationPro What is it? InnovationPro is a new technology that combines Product Development, Design, and, Engineering with
social networking. Why Do We Need It? Everyone has an idea that can make the world a better place. This tool can be used to develop products, systems, and ideas related to almost any field. How Is It Different? There are numerous design programs available, but none of them have the capabilities to allow more than one user to work on the same canvass in real time from a remote location. Hasn't This Been Done Before? Social Media sites exist that have a product development focus, but only InnovationPro will feature a section for investors to contribute to projects that they have confidence in. What Are the Advantages? This website will offer first hand group collaboration and brainstorming functions for individuals that are distanced from each other geographically. Are There Any Start-Up Fees? Nope. It is free to sign-up and users get access to a library of tools, materials, and shapes that will contribute to developing their concept. If a user invests in other concepts, they get access to additional tools and materials. Why Wouldn't I Just Purchase Design Software? Design software can be expensive and does not offer an online collaboration function. InnovationPro uses top performing design software that is comparable to most current professional engineering and design programs. Can I only develop products within a group? Users have the option to develop in teams or individually. At the end of their designing session, they can post the results on the website. Distribution Once manufactured, the products will be available at one of the several stores that sponsors InnovationPro. The profit will be split between the developers, reinvestment for manufacturing costs, and a charity of the the original developers choosing. After the marketing and advertising has intialized for well regarded products, if the product gets 250,000 endorsements or $100,000 worth of investments, the product will be manufactured. InnovationPro Technological Development in Action Sharing is Caring... But wait, there's more... To Summarize... OFF TO THE OPEN MARKET! Video Chat During collaborative design sessions, teams can consist of up to six members. All members can work on the same project simultaneously. Webcam images will displayed vertically on the left side of the screen so everyone can interact together while they are using their hands to design. Comments and Questions Section Every user will have their own individual profile that displays their collection of product development projects. Other users in the InnovationPro community can comment on the projects and ask questions about the products function and the projects goals. Project Summary, Intent, and Goals Section The website is divided by categories such as artistic, sociological, and scientific projects. Within those specific sections of the website, users can post written summaries of potential project ideas relating to that field. If another user is interested in developing the project further, they can contact the user that posted the summary and connect with them in a real time design session. How Do I Communicate with other users? Endorsing Projects Investors Marketing Users can show their support for a projects progession by endorsing it. The projects with the most endorsements will be displayed on the home screen of InnovationPro's website. Once the design meets a predetermined level of endorsements, the item will be open for investor contribution. Investors can contribute minimally one dollar, up to an infinite maximum. Each investor will own a percentage of the design depending on their contribution, but the original designer will never own less than 51% of the rights of the design. Once Investments reach a specific value (determined on the complexity of the product being developed) a marketing function will be unlocked. The marketing function allows the developer to utilize partner companies to market and advertise the product in its related field. Manufacturing -Utilizes professional design software
-Fosters free thinking and creativity to develop items that satisfy a need
-Encourages team cooperation to generate new ideas that work towards a common goal.
-Gives new ideas exposure and a place to be evolved
-Rewards excellence with checkpoint incentives
-Develops communities of people interested in specific topics
-Allows mobile, real time interaction on a virtual workspace
-Brings people together. InnovationPro
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