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What Is Love?

No description

Shyra Costas

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of What Is Love?

What Is Love? (baby don't hurt me) 1) What causes love? 2) Love affects on body 3) Why do we love? Different Types Of Love Romantic Love Attachment Parental Love Love for Fellow Man What physiologically causes LOVE? Helen Fisher's Experiment 17 people newly in love fMRI scan of their brains 15 people recently dumped VTA= (ventral tegmental area) responible for cells that make dopamine part of the "reward" circuitry of the brain responsible for feelings of motivation, addiction, and cognition Right Caudate Nucleus= Learning and memory OCD Emotion Brain In Love During Romantic Stage Hint: Not the heart VTA releases dopamine Release in serotonin Activates the Mesolimbic Dopamine System (reward system) Acts as euphoria drug Feel good Different types of love A Closer Look: Romantic love is more of a motivation than an
emotion VTA will release dopamine during an orgasm or while looking at a photo of a loved one Norepinephrine is also released Pleasure centers activated by love are PART of the reward system Activation of the rewards system causes increased focus and attention on what they are trying to achieve or obtain, less need for sleep or food Effects of dopamine and serotonin on the pleasure centers in the brain causes an elated view of the world Love Changes the Way You
SEE The World People LOVE Being In LOVE Adrenaline can also be released Conclusion: LOVE: Just As Good As Cocaine, AND Less Expensive Brain in love acts similar to brain on cocaine Cocaine AMPLIFIES affects of dopamine, love INCREASES amounts of dopamine in the body People feel euphoric from love Want to feel that feeling more and more Crave person more and more Why Doesn't Love Last Forever? Areas associated with romantic love usually last for 5 to 7 years WHY? Brain doesn't overproduce
love chemicals anymore Different areas of the brain are activated Body becomes used to dopamine and develops a tolerance to it How to revive a relationship? EXCITEMENT Go to new, exciting, foreign places Get out of your comfort zone Activate new receptors and get those chemicals flowing again Sometimes, love can last forever... 3 Stages of Romantic Love 1) Attraction Scientific Side Conscious Side Chemical profile Different, yet compliments
our own (i.e. High estrogen gravitates
towards high testosterone) People decide whether within the
first 90 seconds to 4 minutes of
meeting someone whether they
are attracted to them or not Attraction isn't dependent on
physical appearence Smell counts! Wysocki's Experiment 82 people with different genders and different sexual orientations were asked to choose which order they preferred best Gay men, lesbian women, straight men and straight women all chose the odor of the sex they preferred Result: Odor finger print No two are alike 2) Romantic Love dopamine serotonin norepinephrine adrenaline 3) Attachment Phase After romantic phase, couple is more comfortable with each other, warm and fuzzy feeling Oxytocin Vasopressin promotes attachment and social bonding Released during orgasms
in labor, during lactation,
while talking Why do we LOVE? Is it better to have loved and lost, or never to love at all? Some animals produce many offspring Love Promotes Survival of Offspring Some animals as babies must be independent quickly Human babies are totally dependent on parents Love Is An Evolutionary Adaptation Promotes long lasting pairing in order to care for the offspring Why do parents love their children? Some parents would DIE for their
children... Is that
counter-productive? A Parents Love =Unconditional A parent sacrificing themselves for their child is NOT counter-productive because they are still preserving their genes The more genetically close you are, the more protective and close you are Oxytocin released during labor and lactation in order to promote closeness and bonding of mother and child Reason why usually mothers are closer with the children than the father Why Do We Love Fellow Man? If they are unrelated, then why do we care? Humans are a highly advanced species In order to function in society humans have to be able to recognize and sense the emotions of others Humans are able to feel empathy... counter-productive? Empathy is a two way street Natural "cheat detectors" Why is it necessary to have empathy in our society???... Sex Drive Goal of all animals is to reproduce to continue survival of species in order to prevent extinction... that's not all... After Children Are Gone, Why Do We Continue
To Love? Lasting remnents of bonding and addictive chemicals cause continuation of the relationship Side effect of early love REJECTION For people who have just gotten dumped, the part of the brain associated with intense romantic love is activated more so than those who are already in love!!! Makes the craving intense and worse Part of brain associated with calculating gains and losses is activated Love= need, urge, addiction Much That Is Unknown About Love Still Still being researched...
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