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by:gabriella ezenwa

No description

gabriella ezenwa

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of by:gabriella ezenwa

by:Gabriella Ezenwa
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Ray Cyrus aka Miley Cyrus was born in Tennessee on November 23 1992. and was bullied in school so she decided to start a life on stage with her father Billy Ray Cyrus a country singer. she made her big break on a Disney channel TV show Hannah Montana 2006-2011.
She produced songs such as
party in the U.S.A
the climb
Cant be tamed
Your gonna be lonesome when you go
He could be the one and
7 things i hate about u.
music career
miley has dated quite some guys but her recent being Justin Gaston that last 9 months and Liam Hensworth which she said was her first real and official relationship and have been dating for 4 years but broke up around last month due to miley`s bad behaviour at the vma where she twerked in front of robin thicke.
the music video of these songs are quite innapropriate and irresponsible in which she talks about drugs and other bad things
Bangerz was her recent album in which the songs are
we cant stop
wrecking ball
f**k you
rubber band
If miley cyrus stops her bad behaviour she will be very successful in life and maybe people might stop critisizing her, and she might get back some trust from her father, and she might get back together with liam hensworth.
she changed her looks drastically in the middle of 2013 by cutting her traditionally brunette hair, into a pixie blonde style and wearing really old and inapropriate clothes and putting up pics that were not responsible, and started to get bad comments and mean song parodies of hers by Shane Dawson and Bart Baker.

the image
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