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Bridal Hairstyling

No description

Marigold Smyth

on 3 July 2018

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Transcript of Bridal Hairstyling

Bridal Hairstyling by Julie Hennessy
Criteria requirements
Candidates are required to be observed carrying out the following bridal hair looks:
The following techniques must all be covered across the three looks.
Rolls, knots, twists, plaits,
curls, woven effects
Classic Bridal look
Contemporary bridal styles
Style of own choice
Classic bridal style
Contemporary bridal style
Style of own choice
woven effects
for four different bridal looks including the following techniques:can you carry out each technique
 rolls
 knots
 twists
 plaits
 curls
 woven effect.
State how each look is achieved
State products, tools, equipment, ornamentation and any additional services used
Describe the factors to be considered
Describe the advantages of added hair & hairpieces on bridal hair
Describe 3 problems and remedial action that may occur during the bridal hair service
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