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Cognitive BrainGames

5 Cognitive Games

Andrew Franz

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Cognitive BrainGames

Cognitive Awakenings by Andrew Franz Blankout Complete the Puzzle by filling in the blanks with the missing lettrs HINT: Exquisite Script _ _ L _ I _ R A _ _ _ C CALLIGRAPHY Blankout: Complete the puzzle by filling in the blanks Hint: Well-toned Wheels _ U _ _ L _ C _ _ Muscle Car Selectaquest: Answer the Multiple Choice Question Which legendary frontiersman fought alongside the Earp brothers against the Clantons and McLaurys in the 1881 gunfight at OK Corral?

a) Jesse James
b) Buffalo Bill
c) Captain Fantastic
d) Doc Holliday d) Doc Holliday - Marshal Earp's conduct, ostensibly a legal action, was questioned even in its day. Polygraph: Determine whether the statement is true or false Elvis Presley's favorite entertainer was Robert Goulet. False - Elvis hated Goulet and once shot out a tv airing a goulet performance Selectaquest

Robert Zimmerman is known to most of his fans as:

a) Bob Dylan
b) Robert Smith
c) Bob Marley
d) Danny Elfman a) Bob Dylan THE END
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