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Histoire D'une Revanche

No description

Jennifer Siegel

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Histoire D'une Revanche

Histoire D'Une Revanche
Chapters 21-22 Chapter 21: Chapter 22: Danglars finds out that his friend,
Peppino is the official interpreter
for Luigi Vampa. Danglars is kidnapped by Luigi Vampa
and taken to the catacombs. Danglars is hungry. He wants a chicken,
but the cost is 1000 francs. Danglars asks, instead, for a
piece of bread. Again, the cost
is 1000 francs. Danglars is condemned to starve to
death because he will run out of money. Two months pass quickly and it is
the day he is supposed to give the
bandits the check for 1000 francs. Three more days pass and Danglars
has not eaten anything, for he has
no money. A man appears. It is Monte-Cristo.
He announces that he is really Edmond
Dantès. Danglars cries out in terror.
Dantès says he will pardon Danglars
and not force him to starve to death
because he, himself, needs to be pardonned. Monte-Cristo is going to
return Haydee to her country. Haydee does not want to
leave. She says that if
Monte-Cristo leaves her,
she will die. Haydee tells Monte-Cristo that she loves him. Haydee stays with him. Works Cited Microsoft Office Online. Clipart. 2010. Microsoft Corporation. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/clipart/default.aspx
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