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Short Story Elements

No description

Dominik Durnas

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Short Story Elements

Poison Literary Devices
"Poison" By Roald Dahl
Art Connection
By Dominik, Jessica, Alyssa, Valerie
Short Story Elements
"When I Lay My Burdens Down" by Maya Angelou
"When I Lay My Burdens Down"
Exposition: The setting, a bungalow in India, was introduced. The characters, Timber Woods, Harry Pope, Doctor Ganderbai, and the krait, were also introduced.
Rising Action: Woods entered the bungalow and found Pope with a krait on him. Woods called Ganderbai to help solve this problem. Once Ganderbai came over, he injected a serum into Pope in case the krait bit him. Next, Ganderbai came up with an idea to remove the krait from Pope with chloroform. Woods got the chloroform and Gandebai, Pope, and Woods waited for the chloroform to take its effect.
Climax: Pope got tired of waiting and jumped up to remove the krait, but also risked getting bitten by the poisonous snake. After this event, the krait was nowhere to be found.
Falling Action: Ganderbai questioned whether or not there was a krait. Pope began to defend himself by insulting Ganderbai
Resolution: Woods encouraged Ganderbai as he left the bungalow.
Roald Dahl
He was born in Wales on September 13th, 1916. Many of his stories have been remade into movies. He wrote many books like
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
James and the Giant Peach
, and
. He became one of the bestselling authors and is known as one of the greatest children storytellers. Roald Dahl has won numerous awards and had an illustrious career. He died at the of age 74, on November 23rd, 1990.
Maya Angelou
Marguerite Anne Johnson was born on April 4th, 1928. In her lifetime, she published three essay books, many books on poetry, and seven autobiographies. Maya Angelou is also credited with lists of movies, television shows, and plays. She has won many awards and over fifty honorary degrees. She read one of her poems, "On the Pulse of Morning", in 1993, at President Clinton's inauguration. Maya Angelou recently died on May 28th, 2014.
Setting: The setting of this story takes place in a bungalow in India. Its the middle of the night on a very humid day. This is important to the story because India is the only place that has a krait, and it gives the krait the perfect chance to sneak into the bed while Harry is reading.
Imagery: "He spoke very slowly taking each word in turn and speaking it carefully"
"Hoarse straining half whisper"
"Sliding it slowly but so firmly it went in smooth as into cheese"
"Pure black eyes"
Setting: This story takes place when discrimination was allowed in the South. The story takes place with them working in a store. This setting plays a major role because Maya and her family were given a hard lifestyle and tough tasks to do. They got mocked and this was allowed based on where in the U.S. they lived and the time period.
Imagery: "at night was dark and slick"
"filling the whole room, chasing out the air, and even changing the well-known scents"
"scruffy children"
"waist up she seemed to be pulling for the top of the oak tree across the road"
"their greasy uncolored hair hung down, uncombed, with a grim finality."
Art Connection
"When I Lay My Burden Down"
Point of View: This story is told in the first person point of view.
Characters: Maya- She is the narrator of the story. She is a young african american girl who lives in the south and is facing segregation at a young age. (both: dynamic)
Grandmother Henderson- She is a strong woman who can stand her ground. Instead of violence she stands her ground in other ways. She is the guardian for Maya and her brother. She works in the store and is given hard tasks. (both: static)
Uncle- He works in the store and cries because of shame and gets ordered around to do tough activities. (direct: static)
Bailey- Maya's older brother (indirect: static)
Children (Ruth, Eloise, Helen)- Rude white children who make fun of Momma and disrespect her. They order her around and taunt her with various things. (both: static)
"Poison" Theme
"When I Lay My Burdens Down" Major Conflicts
Timber Woods- He narrates and is Pope's assistant. He is Indian. He is characterized indirectly through his words and actions. He is a dynamic character because he faces the conflict, the krait on Pope's chest, and is changed by it.
Harry Pope- He is not from around India and is characterized through his words and actions. He is a static character because he is not changed by the conflict.
Doctor Ganderbai- He is an Indian doctor. He is characterized directly. He is a dynamic character because he faces the conflict and is changed by it.
The 'krait'- It is a poisonous snake in India. It is characterized directly. It is a static character because it is not changed by the conflict.
Derecho a la Libre Expresion
Made In: 26th of March 2012
Point of View- This story was told in first person from the eyes of Timber Woods.
Created by: Colegio San Diego
Exposition: The setting is explained. Maya described tensions between the white folk and her family.
Rising Action: Maya and Momma stood outside admiring Maya's art in the yard when they saw Helen, Ruth, and Eloise coming towards them and the Store. Maya went inside. Helen, Ruth, and Eloise mocked Momma. Momma just hummed a hymn. Maya wanted to do something to get rid of the girls, but she did not do anything.
Climax: Helen, Ruth, and Eloise got bored by the lack of response from Momma and left Momma.
Falling Action: Maya was confused by the way Momma reacted and started to cry. Momma comforted Maya.
Resolution: Maya fixed the artwork and showed Momma.
Derecho a la Libre Expresion
", or "
Right To Free Expression,
" created by the San Diego College, depicts three despaired women of different race, gagged with rags, or void of mouths entirely. This represents the silence others are expected to endure while being discriminated for color. "
Derecho a la Libre Expresion
" relates to both
When I Lay My Burdens Down
, because of the choice both Dr. Ganderbai and grandma Annie make to stay silent, even though others were being cruel and disrespectful to them.
The moral of
by Roald Dahl, is that poison may not always be a material entity. Harry Pope was afraid of being bitten by a poisonous snake that had crawled under the sheets of his bed. Although later on, it was revealed that the snake was never there, and the true poison was the racism running through his body.
"Poison" Major Conflicts

• Man vs. Man: Once the doctor took the blanket off of Harry Pope and noticed there was no snake, Dr. Ganderbai attempted to ease the tension with light sarcasm by asking if Pope actually saw the snake. Taking the joke negatively, Harry Pope responded with extremely offensive and derogatory labels.
• Man vs. Nature: As Harry Pope had been reading, he felt a slight movement on the sheets. Looking down he, saw a highly venomous Indian krait. In fear of being bitten, he called his assistant, Timber Woods, for help.
• Man vs. Technology: Although Dr. Ganderbai had injected Mr. Pope with the serum to protect him from the krait’s venom, he knew that the serum wouldn’t be strong enough to save Pope, only prolong the venom from killing him.
• Man vs. Society: Although the setting takes place in India, Ganderbai had still faced racism from Harry Pope, a British man, because Pope had taken light banter the wrong way.
• Man vs. Self: Harry Pope had conflict internally, because he had been embarrassed that Ganderbai asked if he had only imagined the snake, when in reality Harry Pope actually did dream the krait up.

: Even though Harry Pope views Dr.Ganderbai as a lesser individual, he relies on his knowledge and skills to keep him alive.
: The Indian Krait represents the racism resting on the minds of supremacists.
takes place in India, inside a bungalow.
When I Lay My Burdens Down
takes place in America, outside of a small shop.
"Where I Lay My Burdens Down" Theme
"Where I Lay My Burdens Down" Literary Devices
The lesson behind the story is that sometimes it's better to turn the other cheek rather than fight back, because you can still win a fight without lashing out.
: The three white girls represent the ignorance of the majority of the White supremacist community. While Annie represents the people were discriminated for their coloring who choose to stay quiet.
"Poison" and "Where I Lay My Burdens Down" are very similar. In both stories, there is a race which believes they are better then the other. Harry Pope thought he was better than Dr. Ganderbai in "Poison". In "When I Lay My Burdens Down", Helen, Ruth, and Eloise thought they were better than Momma . In both stories, there is a man against man conflict. The conflicts for both stories are one person belittling the other person. The person in the stories who is being belittled does not fight back with violence or in a negative way. Dr. Ganderbai just stands there and leaves while Harry is screaming at him in "Poison". In "Where I Lay My Burdens Down", Momma only keeps singing. Overall, both literary stories have many similarities.
: Ruth, Helen, and Eloise, the three white girls, play antics mocking Grandma Annie. All the while, they think they're making a fool of Annie, when in reality they're only making a fool of themselves.
Man vs. Man
: Helen, Ruth, and Eloise were making fun of Annie with derogatory remarks, hoping to get a rise out of her.
Man vs. Self
: The young girl, Maya, was thinking about running out and telling the young girls to stop. She knew she shouldn't though, because Annie had told her to go inside for a reason.
Man vs. Society
: Helen, Ruth, and Eloise were raised up to be racist to black people because of skin tone. Although, all of the elder adults and those who know better, know that it's wrong.
consists of only older, male men of two possible nationalities, Indian and European.
When I Lay My Burdens Down
is filled with a majority of women, both younger and older, of two nationalities, African American and European.
brings up a verbal conflict, because of Dr. Ganderbai attempting to break the tension with simple banter which Harry Pope took the wrong way.
When I lay My Burdens Down
is quite the opposite. Annie decided it'd be a better idea to say nothing at all while the girls were discriminating her.
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