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The secret garden

Hi this is my super awesome prezi!!!!!!!!!

Bellatrix Lestrange

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of The secret garden

The secret garden This is my favourite book and a classic in children's literature. This is the lady who wrote
it. Her name is Frances Hodgson
Burnett. She was (and still is) a famous
author for children and adults alike.
She was born November
24, 1849 and died October 29, 1924.
She married twice and had two sons
named Vivian and Lionel. She also wrote
"A little Princess" and "Little Lord Faulteroy. The basic storyine is this. Mary, a spoiled and sickly child who lives in India and has socialite parents who never have time for her. One day they and everyone else in the household dies of cholera. Mary is the only one left. She is sent to England to live with her uncle Archibald Craven, who lives in an enormous mansion called Misselthwaite Manor . He is very reclusive, since his wife Lillias died ten years before. There she meets the kind maid Martha, the sour house keeper Mrs. Medlock and eventually, Martha's kind hearted family. She also meets her spoiled and fragile cousin Colin and Martha's queer and kind brother Dickon, who has a way of charming animals. A little while after arriving at Misselthwaite, Mary discovers a "secret garden" one that had been owned by her aunt and had been locked up for ten years, with the key buried. Ben Weatherstaff's (the gardener) robin shows Mary the key. After she begins to trust Dickon, she shares her secret with him. Together she and Dickon vow to bring it to life.This book is about how Mary (and many of the other characters in the book) grow and develop inwardly as well as physically, and how the secret garden really works its magic on everyone. The author Summary Mary Lennox is She is one of the
main protagonists of the story. She is ten
years old. At the beginning of the book, she
is described as "the most disagreeable child ever seen".She had a hot temper, was always ill and had
jaundiced skin,was very thin and had stringy
yellow, lifeless hair. She was born in India and
was unwanted by her parents. After they die she
is sent to Misselthwaite manor, where she slowly
becomes healthier, more agreeable and overall,
a happier person. She was portrayed in a 1919 film
by Lila Lee, in a 1949 film by Margaret O'Brien and in
the widely acclaimed 1993 film by Kate Maberly.
She was portrayed in a broadway edition by Daisy
Mary Lennox Colin Craven Colin craven, is Mary's sickly,
spoiled cousin who, like Mary at the
beginning, thinks only of himself. He too has a very hot
temper and, in some ways, he is very
much like Mary. He is very prone to tantrums.
He is described as having a sharp, delicate face "the colour of
ivory" large gray eyes that seem too
big for his face and "a lot of dark hair
that tumbled in heavy locks over his forehead".
His mother died when he was just a baby(ten years ago).
He lives with his hunchbacked father, who
barely ever sees his son and expects him
to die or grow up a hunch back. Colin is ten years
old and, until Mary came he always lived in his
bedroom in his bed, irritable and petted all the time. He is an invalid and
believes he can not walk. He was played by Richard Rossen in the 1919 film, Dean
Stockwell in the 1949 film and Heydon Prowse in the 1993 edition.
He was portrayed by John Babcock in the broadway edition. Dickon is, Martha's 12 year old
brother. Like her, he is very kind and talke in a strong Yorkshire accent. He is described as "funny looking". He has a turned up nose, poppy red cheek and very round blue eyes. He has rust-coloured hair anda red, surving mouth. He is also "very clean" and wears patched clothes. He lives on the moor with his mother, father and multiple brothers and sisters. He has many animal friends who follow him wherever he goes. At the beginning of the story, he and Mary seem to share a special bond. In the 1919 film, he is played by Paul Willis, in the 1949 film he is played by Brian Roper and in the 1993 film, he is played by Andrew Knott. In the broadway edition he is played by John Cameron Mitchell. Dickon Sowerby How does this story end? Well, if you too will chose to read this novel then you too will unlock the mysteries of Misselthwaite manor and, the garden, "the secret garden". This is the 1911 edition of the cover by Maria Kirk. This is the 1962 edition of the cover by Tasha Tudor. Mary As portrayed by Kate Maberly in 1993. As portrayed by Margaret O'Brien in 1949. Daisy Eagan, who portrayed Mary Lennox in the broadway adaption. Dickon... As portrayed by Andrew Knott in the 1993 edition. As portrayed by Brian Roper in the 1949 edition. Lila Lee who portrayed Mary in
the 1919 edition of the film. As portrayed by Heydon Prowse
in 1993. Colin...
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