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The Carbon Cycle

No description

Emerson Carbajal

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of The Carbon Cycle

The Carbon Cycle How it Works The plant is eaten by an animal, such as this giraffe. The giraffe relies on the tree for food, therefore if the tree, that relies on the sun, were to die, the giraffe could not survive. The animal will soon die and its body will decay.what is left of the animal turns into fossil fuels. The decay of the giraffe is necessary because without it, the fossil fuel would not be produced the fossil fuels are then used in factories to burn for energy. The factories rely on the sun, the tree, the giraffe, and the fossil fuels, because they are all key components in this cycle. the carbon also goes into bodies of water on earth First, the sun shines down onto plant, this helps the plant go through photosynthesis, photosynthesis takes the carbon in and puts oxygen into the air we breath. allowing the plant to grow. These plants need the sun to survive The Carbon Cycle relies on both abiotic and biotic features in nature.

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