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Drive: The surprinsing truth about what motivates us

No description

Lucille Doiron

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Drive: The surprinsing truth about what motivates us

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Daniel H. Pink

Part 1: A new operating system
Thank you!
Motivation 2.0
Driving factors
Open source organizations
Social business
Engagement & disengagement
We are all different
Deci and Ryan
Players or pawns?
Results only work environment (ROWE)
Focus work
FedEx days
- 21st century workforce needs
- Carrots and stick: Reinforcement or punishment?
- Motivational factors: Intrinsic and extrinsic factors
- Type X and Type I
Part 2: The three elements
Part 3 : The type I toolkit
Nine strategy for awakening your motivation
Thirteen ways to improve your organization
The zen compensation
Extrinsic VS Intrinsic factors
Tom Sawyer effect
Candle problem
Short term and long term thinking
Four essentials
Origin of purpose
Baby boomers
A new vision
Redefining goals and success
MBA Harvard student's oath
Type I toolkit
9 strategies for awakening your motivation
The "no" list
The flow test
13 ways to improve your organization
Non commissioned work
Giving up control
Policies for the 15%
Type I toolkit
The zen of compensation

Paying people the type I way
"The best use of money is to take the issues of money off the table." p. 178
Get rid of the money issue by compensating the right amount and the right way
Three keys techniques

Internal and external fairness
Pay more than average
Use wide ranging, relevant and hard to game performance metrics
Presented by :

Lucille Doiron
Gazi Anisur Rhaman
Belen Ruiz Hernandez
Matilda Nilsson
Alexia De Ryck
Reuben Gready
Vincent Caron

Three laws of mastery
Mastery is a mindset
Mastery is a pain
Mastery is an asymptote
Competence, autonomy & relatedness
Self-determination theory
Happiness, productivity & motivation
1. Task
2. Time
3. Technique
4. Team
The power of the alphabet
Motivation 2.0
Motivation 3.0
Updated version to keep up with reality
The third drive
Organizational structure VS employees needs
Type I behavior
Not only for business
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