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The Grim Grotto

By Lemony Snicket

Dylan Clem

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Grim Grotto

The Grim Grotto
By Lemony Snicket This unfortunate story starts off with the
Baudelaire orphans sadly floating down a river. The orphans had barely escaped
Count Olaf's clutches again. Count Olaf is an evil villain who only
wants to steal the amazing treasures
of the Baudelaire's. In the Baudelaire family it is Violet who is amazing with mechanics and creativity; next in the family is Klaus, he is the brains of the family. Klaus is a whiz at both books and poetry. Finally, there is Sunny, she is a master chef who can cook amazing foods even at a very young age. Although intelligent, she talks in a very funny way that only her siblings can understand. During the Baudelaire's dreadful journey they come across
a friendly sub of the V.F.D. The V.F.D is a volunteer organization that helps people like the Baudelaire's. V.F.D stands for Volunteer Faculty Dispatch. Count Olaf and V.F.D have very different ways of thinking, but both go for the same thing, the Sugar bowl. On board the sub is Captain Widdershins and his
crew of two. His cook Phil and the Captain's own
stepdaughter, Fiona. The sub is on a very important mission to find the sugar bowl, so they put the Baudelaires right to work. In time, Klaus has found what he believes to be the location of the formidable sugar bowl. The bowl resides in the Gorgonian Grotto which holds the deadly fungus Medusaid Mycelium. When the submarine arrives at the location the crew finds that only the children can fit through the tiny crack in the Grotto. After learning of this, the Baudelaires and Fiona suit up to go in. When they set off they float slowly and harmlessly down to the deep parts of the Grotto. As they descend they find an underwater cavern that is covered with different odd things. While looking for the sugar bowl, the evil fungus Medusiod Mycelium washes up on shore and begins to spread. This causes panic in the group, but they decide to stay until the fungus wanes or deceases. During this time the group looks through the washed up things that are close to them. When the fungus wanes the group is relieved, but one of the members of the group had a spore of the deadly fungus growing in their helmet! When they arrived at the sub they were welcomed by no one; the Captain and Phil were gone! While they were sitting and thinking of what could have happened, Violet sees the deadly fungus growing inside of Sunny's helmet. From then on the three scrambled to find a cure. But were sidetracked by the blinking dot on the subs radar. They were soon boarded by the evil Count Olaf. Olaf then threw the children into the brig of his evil submarine. While waiting the children think of a plan to escape the evil Olaf. Sunny still has the fungus inside her helmet which is causing her to grow weaker and weaker by the minute. After the Baudelaires escape they see that Sunny is dying because of the fungus in her helmet, thinking fast, they find that Wasabi is the cure to the deadly fungus. The Baudelaires were relieved when the Wasabi worked on Sunny, but there was no time to celebrate. The children had to get to work fast and find a way out of the evil submarine. For this to happen Fiona had to distract Count Olaf by saying she wanted to join his evil crew. This gave time for the Baudelaire children to escape. On their way to freedom the children receive an incoming telegram. The telegram had two poems which the Bauldaires had to decipher and see where to meet the mysterious person who sent it. After deciphering the code, they are to meet where everything started at Briny Beach. When they get there they are met by Mr. Poe. Mr. Poe is the man that had escorted the Baudelaires after their house and parents were gone. But instead of going with Mr. Poe the children follow the clues and get into a mysterious taxi. In this sad story a group of orphans float down a river and debate on what they will do next. These orphans are the Baudelaires, their lives are full of sorrow and hardship. While floating down the river they are startled by a submarine commanded by Captain Widdershins. He is on a very important mission to get the sugar bowl, he puts the children right to work. When they find the location of the sugar bowl deep in the Grim Grotto, the children are sent to retrieve the bowl. When down in the Grim Grotto a deadly fungus appears and scares them, luckily they stay back and wait for it to wain. When the children escape the grotto they find the submarine abandoned ! Count Olaf finds the children and throws them all into the brig. Unknown to anyone, a deadly fungus hides inside of Sunny's helmet killing her more and more by each minute. While in the brig, the children devise a plan to escape and it works! While escaping the children receive a mysterious telegram telling them to go back to where everything started at Briny Beach. Plot and setting Characterization Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Literary Elements
Violet is as old as dirt.
The fungus is as evil as count Olaf. Theme
The Theme of the story is to never give up. Just like the Baudelaires did, they faced many hardships and overcame them. The Setting
The Setting of the story is everywhere, but it
mainly takes place in a submarine. Point Of View
The story is told in a third person omnipotent point of view, it shows all characters thoughts and beliefs. Thanks for watching Bye
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