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Silvia Goulart Curi

No description

Chris Guandique

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Silvia Goulart Curi

Home School
Silvia: Instituto Bem-Me-Quer
Christian: Valley Oaks Elementary
Silvia: Only child
CHristian:One brother
Silvia Goulart Curi
Christian Guandique

Silvia: traveled to a farm for carnaval
Christian: Went to the zoo.

Silvia: no pets
Christian:One Dog
Silvia: I am out of the country
Christian:I have been to El Salvador
Silvia: go out with my friends
Christian: I like to listen to music, play soccer, and hang out with friends.
Silvia: I would like to go to college outside of my country, for electric engineering
Christian: I would like to go to Texas A&M for Business and then go to law school.
Silvia: Maths and Biology
Christian: Chemistry and US History
Silvia: Dias de Luta Dias de Gloria, Charlie Brown Jr.
Christian: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Scar Tissue
Silvia: Working out
Christian: Soccer and crossfit
Silvia: Shy
Christian: Bold
Silvia: Instagram
Christian: Snapchat
Silvia: Snapchat
Christian: Facebook
Silvia: Lembrancas que o vento traz by Monica de Castro
Christian: Iron Thunder by Avi
Silvia: go out to some place
Christian: Buy any food I want
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