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Crafting your perfect eBook- EVO 2014-Highlights week 1

No description

Debora Tebovich

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Crafting your perfect eBook- EVO 2014-Highlights week 1

3, 2, 1 Introductions
Crafting your e-Perfect e-Book
EVO - 2014
Highlights - Week 1

What limits do you find to teaching with your current textbook?
How do we update the material in our ebooks?
What if we think the internet is the almost perfect ebook? Some think it would be too much to handle
What is an interactive ebook?
Sharing the process rather than end products?
Will the course be focused more on design and tech tools or also deal with planning content for ebook?
What will the impact of learning in the open have on my career and digital identity?
Are we going to work on customizable templates that we can use for our varied ebooks in the future? that would be good
Is it ok to look silly and accept that others will critique my work? Will people be critiquing me personally?
How do you get 100% & learn anything when there are no marks? What learning currency does a #MOOC offer me?
Twitter chats
# meet your moderators
# tutorials
# meet the participants
# team leaders
Peer editing group

Create a CC License
for your ebook

"The NC licensing is clearly tricky. The comments on the post also demonstrate how confusing NC licenses may be. I continue to license all of my content, personal and professional, under Creative Commons licenses. My professional work typically falls under BY/SA licenses. However, I add the NC clause to my personal photos. This seems to provide me with a bit more control of the work in my personal domain."
- Dr. Alec Couros

Attribution: http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/2344
Community Interaction
"I have heard the argument from many people over the years that they didn’t feel right just ‘giving away’ all of their ‘stuff’.
For me, I am happy to give away my work, especially if it is found useful, and ideally, if others add to the work or improve it" - Dr. Alec Couros

"But if that is not enough for those who refuse to consider Creative Commons licenses, perhaps they should also know that with this CC-NC licensed clip, my daughter now has a very healthy start to her College fund" - Alec Couros
Debbie Tebovich
January -2014
Thank you
, Co
and D
ear participants
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