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Welcome to Middle School 6th Grade

This is an prezi for 5th graders to find out what 6 th grade is like

Breeann S

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Middle School 6th Grade

Welcome 5th Graders Welcome to 6th grade middle school, tips you may need to know are
1. Try not to use hall passes unless you really need them.
2. Hold on to all of your papers.
3.don't talk during class or you can get lunch detention or lunch timeout. Core Core will be really fun with Mrs. Grant because you get to just hang out with all of the 6th grade girls!!!! boys core seems very loud because you can hear them across the hall. Try not to go into the boys core because they don't really want you in there neither do the girls.The boys core teacher is Mr. Hess ,but Mrs. Grant's core so much fun I don't know about the boys core though but I am sure is is just as fun!!!! Welcome to 6th grade!! Hall Passes You will want to hold on to all of your hall passes, unless you really need them you will have them in every class, except electives. Hall passes have 3 punches to go grab stuff from your locker, go to the bathroom. You will also have a homework extension for in case you forget your homework at home or you didn't have time to do it. You will have hall passes for science, social studies, language,and christian studies Homework tips about homework are:
1. Try to turn stuff in early if the teachers will let you.
2. Turn your homework in on time.
3. Get your homework done.
4. electives Electives are really fun you can do things like bugs with Mrs.Casselman, Tech Time with Mrs. Flicker, Navigation with Mrs. Williams, there are some really fun electives!!
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