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Chapter 6: In Sunny Spain

No description

jc foronda

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 6: In Sunny Spain

Chapter 6: In Sunny Spain
Rizal's Secret mission
- to observe the life and culture, languages and customs, industries, governments and laws of european nations.

- he left a letter to his parents about his mission.
Secret Departure for Spain
-He used the name Jose Mercado.

-May 3 1882- Rizal departed on board the Spanish stramer Salvadora bound for singapore

-while on board, he observed the people and passengers. 16 passengers, 5 or 6 ladies, many children, and the rest gentlemen.

-he was the only Filipino, the rest were Spaniards, British and Indian Negros.

-he met the captain Donato Lecha, from Asturias, Spain

-May 9, 1882- the steamer docked at Singapore.

-Rizal registered at Hotel de la Paz.
From Singapore to Colombo
-May 11 1882- Rizal transfered to another ship Djemnah, a french steamer.

-May 17 1882- the Djemnah reached Point Galle(in Sri Lanka)
First Trip Through Suez Canal
- it took the Djemnah 5 days to traverse the Suez Canal.

- The Suez Canal was built by Ferdinand de Lesseps(French Diplomat engineer)
Naples and Marseilles
June 11- Rizal reached Naples.

June 12- He visited the famouse Chateau d'lf
where Dantes, hero of
The Count of Monte Cristo,
was imprisoned.

June 15- Rizal left Marseille by train.

June 16- He reached Barcelona.
Amor Patrio
-Rizal wrote an article named Amor Patrio(Love of Country)

-He sent the article to Basilio Teodoro Moran, publisher of
Diariong Tagalog.

He also wrote Los Viajes(travels) and Revista de Madrid(Review of Madrid)

Manila moves to Madrid

-Rizal received a bad news about the cholera that was spreading in Manila and other provinces.

-another bad news is about Leonor Rivera, according to Chengoy's letter, she's getting thinner because of the absence of a loved one.
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