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Unit 7-Making It Stick

CEP 815, Unit 7 Lab

Jason Skeels

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 7-Making It Stick

Who's Got the Monkey? Care & feeding of monkeys Where is the monkey? Getting rid of the monkeys How to get the monkey off of your back! Conclusion -Manager must enlarge discretionary time.
-Use discretionary time to address subordinates monkeys.
-Keep control of boss-imposed and system-imposed time.
-Now the manager has more time to do whatever is necessary. -The monkey is passed from the employee to the manager in
-The manager has assumed a position as subordiante to his
-Too much delay by the manager leads to frustration by the
-The monkey becomes a joint problem, shared by both now.
-Managers accumulate many monkeys throughout the weak and
this equals stress!
-This leaves no time for boss-imposed and system-imposed
-While the manager focuses on his job (and the monkeys) the
subordinates are stress free.
-The goal is now to pass the monkeys back to the subordinates and leave them there. -Find a way to pass the monkey back to the subordinate together.
-All monkeys should leave with the subordinates, making life easier on the manager.
-The monkey can now not be passed back to the manager and must be handled by the subordinate.
-Monkeys can only return to the manager through appointment.
-Without the monkey, the manager now has more discretionary time. -Monkeys should be fed or shot.
-Keep the monkey population below the managers maximum.
-It should not take more than 5 to 15 minutes to feed a properly prepared monkey.
-Monkeys should be fed by appointment only!
-Feeding process should be done face-to-face or by phone and should be documented.
-Assign a "next feeding time" to each monkey.
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