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Metaphor Poem

No description

Jolie Guinn

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Metaphor Poem

Jealousy was glaring at me from the corner of the room.
She had rough, scaly skin that contrasted her beautiful face.
She was confident, and her personality was infectious,
Her green eyes staring into me as she strutted forward.
I felt her presence as she came near.
I smelled her captivating perfume.
Her prestigious aura emanating off of her.
I heard her chuckle with a judgmental voice.
I felt self-conscious.
I felt envious.
I felt stupid for letting her consume me.
Life is a maze.
No matter where you gaze
as time passes you may want to shout
and a little thing may start to creep into your mind called doubt
But stay strong
The path may be twisting and long
but you will find the end
Where you find your true friends
There will be an exit to your maze in life
When there will be no more strife
You will feel relief
When walls in your life will have no more height
And everything will be bright
Metaphor/ Hyperbole/ Alliteration
Life is a school
Everybody wants to be eye catching and cool
Sometimes I feel I would rather die than learn
But you have to do things in life that make your insides churn
Nature's wind calls me.
Her brisk hands gently touch me.
Like a mother, nature.
Waves BY: Jolie Guinn
The waves crashed with enormous strength onto the beach.
I saw the salty mouth of the ocean devour the waves.
Then looking down, I studied the pink shells at my feet,
which scattered the sand that smelled of used sunscreen.
I felt my skin hot from the glaring sun beating down on my back.
My eye fell on something shiny in the grainy sand.
It was a jagged sharp piece of broken glass.
I imagined the party, the bottles, the people on the beach
when this piece of glass was broken.
I heard the voices shouting in hoarse tones.
Then I looked back at the churning ocean
where its many fishy inhabitants were swimming.
I walked and walked not knowing where I was going, but feeling
a feeling, a good feeling of peace and beauty washing over me,
as I walked slowly down the empty beach
that smelled like used sunscreen.
Waves Crashing
Green-Eyed Jealousy
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