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Power Nap

No description

shafwan nordin

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of Power Nap

The Sleepbox "Just an overview about power nap." Why it should be mandatory
to take ‘Power Nap’? Topic: Investigation Tutorial Content Fast facts about sleep:

“You will die from sleep deprivation before food deprivation. It takes 2 weeks to starve but 10 days without sleep can kill you.”

-General fact- Now I introduce you…
‘Power Nap’ Benefits of
'power nap'. Increase ones productivity
& performance Increase cognitive
function Any prove? -Robert Stickgold-
(Neuroscientist of Harvard Medical School) "Napping may protect brain circuits from overuse until those neurons can consolidate what's been learned about a procedure." “The researchers say sleep is needed to clear the brain's short term memory and make room for new information. It’s as though the email inbox in your hippocampus is full and, until you sleep and clear out those fact emails, you're not going to receive any more mail." -Dr. Walker-
(Psychologist at the University of California) "During sleep, the brain makes neurotransmitters that are critical to our ability to concentrate. These neurotransmitters also affect our moods -- not enough of them, and we're likely to be irritable and depressed." -Dr. Maha Alattar-
(Neurologist & a board-certified sleep specialist) “Napping is normal.
Ever feel tired in the afternoon?
That’s because your brain really
wants to take a nap. There’s a battle
raging in your head between two armies. Each army is made of legions of brain cells and biochemical – one desperately
trying to keep you awake, the other desperately trying to force
you to sleep.” -Dr. John Medina- "A study at NASA
on sleepy military pilots
and astronauts found that a
40-minute nap improved
performance by 34 percent
and alertness
100 percent." -The National Sleep Foundation- “In one study,
when pilots on transpacific
flights of nine hours duration took naps averaging 26 minutes, they had a boost in
performance of
up to 34%.” -Mark Rosekind-
PhD, president & chief scientist at
Alertness Solutions in Cupertino, CA “...volunteers who
took a 30-minute nap after
completing the second practice
session showed no ensuing performance dips. What's more,
1-hour nappers responded progressively faster and more accurately in the third and
fourth sessions.” -Dr. Sara C. Mednick-
(Psychologist of Harvard University) "...In addition to benefiting
your health, an afternoon nap will
boost your mental alertness and productivity. Subject's scores on a mental task worsened over the course of four daily sessions. But the study found that allowing subjects a 30-minute nap after the second session stopped that deterioration in performance in its tracks." -study published in the journal
Nature Neuroscience- "...napping can improve
learning and memory. And when
scientists at Stanford University asked doctors and nurses to take a short nap while working the night shift in an emergency department, they showed better moods, higher levels of alertness and greater speed in executing job-related tasks." -Harvard study published in 2008- Benefits Tips for practicing
'power nap' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Conclusion..... power nap is indeed beneficial to us but do not neglect about your night sleep.

take a short break in daytime ---> to give some space for brain to rest or ease up.

a short sleep in the mid-day is more than enough. Thank You
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