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UNH IT Social Media Tree

An overview of UNH IT's social media efforts, which channels we're focusing on and why, and how others can join the conversation.

Katherine Derby

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of UNH IT Social Media Tree

Foundations for Engagement
Follow me:
Who's Your Core?
Establish Your Core Channels
(based on audience/participation)
* Twitter (17-29) +
* Instagram (12-25)
* Facebook (everybody - teens lurk)
* Pinterest (Women < 50)
* Vine (12-29) +
* YouTube (12 - ...)

Informational / educational
* Promote events
* Share Pics, Videos
* Provide "live tweets" for events
* Offer up ideas/content
* Crowd sourcing, provide support, and more!
UNH Info Technology
Social Media Tree

Start with one or two - not all.
Consistently add interesting content.
Choose who to follow and grow followers organically.
Remember the 3 foundations for engagement.
Let your personality come through.
Be aware of trends:
* outside influences
* new applications
* new patterns
* more conversations
* better understanding of what the
customer wants
* added value to services
* expanded reach
* fast message channel
Communication Channel - 2-way conversations
* Retweet/Share/Like
* Comment/Interact
* Tag/Mention UofNHIT
What do you do once you have them?
LISTEN!!! Don't just talk
Lessons Learned
Identify someone to oversee the process. Ideally, someone in communications.
Get buy-in from leadership and get them to create personal accounts
Keep up with new apps, network with other social media folks (breakfast)
Listen, listen, listen - use Hootsuite
Meet with students for feedback, tips, etc.
Leverage student interns
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