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Digital Drug

No description

dania fatoom

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Digital Drug

"Digital Drugs" or "iDoser" is a clips tones are heard through headphones to each of the ears, so that is broadcast certain frequencies in the right ear, for example, frequencies below the left ear.
The brain is trying hard to unite the frequencies in the right ear and left to get on one level of the two votes, which leaves the brain in an unstable state at the level of the electrical signals sent by

Where each type of digital drugs can be directed to a particular pattern of brain activity, for example, when you hear of cocaine calculated frequencies for minutes it will pay to stimulate the brain are similar to the picture that is stimulated after the use of this drug in a realistic manner.

And is obtained through the websites of the first progress is free and then be imposed exorbitant fees for them Aljsol
Sameha Fatom
Outline Structure........
Digital Drugs
1. What is digital drugs ????
2.The brain dealing with digital drugs .
3.Types of digital drugs .
4. How to get digital drugs .
5. conclusion .
What the digital drugs ????
The brain dealing with digital drugs
Types of digital drugs ...
the digital drugs made at its predecessor uses, in addition to these species, we find among digital drug use weight loss, and other names as "doors hell "and" fun in the sky. "
How to get digital drugs ?????
Digital risk of a new drug addiction .
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