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traditional sweets of Greece

No description

eleni kalikaki

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of traditional sweets of Greece

traditional sweets of Greece
Kalitsounia (Greek: καλιτσούνια) are small cheese or herb pies. Crete is famous for its small cheese or herb pies, called kalitsounia. They resemble a common cheese or stuffed pie with the principal difference of its filling and serving variations. So, in Chania we find the salty kalitsounia, stuffed with the local, mild cheese, mizithra or various herbs from the Cretan land (without cheese) and the sweet kalistounia, also stuffed with mizithra but poured with honey on top. This is unique delicacy served in the entire island and throughout Chania prefecture, from popular restaurants in Chania town to small mountainous villages. There is also another version of kalitsounia made with dough and not fillo pastry (very thin sheet of dough), stuffed also with mizithra and cinnamon. Kalitsounia can be either baked or fried depending on whether they are made with dough or thin fillo pastry.
The nougat is a sweet made of sesame and honey. It is sweet tonic, rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron. The roots of sesame start from Homer's Iliad.

Towards the end of the 20th century, nougat circulated in Greece packed in rectangular blocks of 120-150 grams with enough soft texture (soft-boiled). Today nougat is on the market in smaller packages and products with different textures (soft-boiled, crispy). There are no other sweet products sesame replaced by nuts (almonds particular).

Rich brioche-like breads (often braided) are known by various Greek names that represent three major holidays for Greeks: Easter, Christmas and New Year's. There are many local varieties of these festive breads, based on milk, flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, butter, and a flavoring which can be mahlab, Chian mastic or cardamom. The butter is added after kneading: the dough is stretched, brushed with melted butter, folded and stretched again repeatedly, until all the butter is incorporated. The result of this technique is that the baked bread separates easily into strands. A good tsoureki should be soft, moist and fluffy, yet stringy and chewy
Sweet Christmas but also of our most important social events, engagement, wedding, birth, baptism, celebration.
The company distinguishing flavors you laboratory space functional and complete with respect to Cretan tradition with natural ingredients, without preservatives produces xerotigano since 1992.
The xerotigano round - next - flute - bow - bite, accompanied by the production of another product bun wedding. Following the steps and technique of a traditional recipe with skill and passion we make sweet bun wedding and the xobliasto for the best men in marriage and baptism.
Today distinguishing flavors with professional knowledge, consistency and service are able to sweeten all your event successful proposals and options.
custard filled pastry
The galaktomboureko is a traditional syrupy sweet griddle, which consists primarily of sheet and cream. There are various recipes and ways of preparing and track sizes. The cream can have a lemon scent or vanilla, while the syrup prepared from sugar and water.
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