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Conceptual Game Media - Pro Patria Mori

IQP Presentation

Patrick Knight

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Conceptual Game Media - Pro Patria Mori

Conceptual Game Media:
Pro Patria Mori By:
Patrick Knight
Sean Beck
Robert Banahan What's the point of this project? An exploration in innovation Philosophical point #1

The current interactive media and video game market is saturated with the same old themes and mechanics.
Our game, in contrast, seeks to be explorative in its design philosophy. Emphasis on:
Art style
Cooperative Gameplay
Unique play experiences
No Orcs No Space Marines No Mana Write a concept document Create art assets for the proposed title Create a short trailer for the title Philosophical point#3

The title will be largely defined by its massive scale, creative style, and modular construction. So what is the game? Massively-multiplayer Online Game First-Person Shooter Role-Playing Game Real-time Strategy Game Stealth Game Whatever you want it to be Philosophical point #2

This game is designed in such a way that players of all different types have the ability to find some part of the whole experience which makes the game personally fulfilling and engaging. Let the player play how they want to play Some players may never see combat Some players will choose to pursue the usual experience Battles will be instantiated, but effect the entire campaign in significant ways. The title will be set in a "steampunk" universe; an alternate past with sophisticated technology. Seriously. What is the game? The entire game will allow for continual expansion. Philosophical point #4

The title will allow for heavy customization. Weapons
Zeppelins are nifty. But what do I control? Vanguard Watcher Arch Mechanist Farseer Industrialist Alchemist Zeppelins? Zeppelins. So what's the point? Your objectives depend on your role and play style. Soldiers shoot things (mainly). Snipers explore and reveal the battlefield (mainly). Industrialists manage resources, requisition improvements, and sell goods (mainly). The goal is to win - whatever that means to you. I think I get it now...Show me some assets! Gladly. And now,
the trailer: Thanks.
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