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berkeley riots

No description

amanda holyk

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of berkeley riots

Berkeley Student Riots Two Categories Free Speech Movement Student Involvement Sproul Hall Police Car Stakes Are High Free Speech Prevails! Filthy Speech Movement Obvious differences -violence
-no idealism People Involved Black Panthers
-Free Huey Movement Hippies
-drug addicts
-rock and roll era Jump on the Bandwagon People's Park What is it? Who supported it? How did it
get started? University's reaction Bloody Thursday Violence
-rioters Consequences
-nausea gas Conclusion of
these riots People's Park Today Homeless Drugs Crime No Children Sore on the Community No Children Free Speech Movement
Filthy Speech Movement
and People's Park
-Free Speech Movement Filthy Speech Movement
-Later sixties -Mario Savio Incident
-Police Brutality
-Careers on the Line -poliical acivity reinstated
-Reasons for the Victory
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