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Haile Middle School Engineering Brian K

No description

Brian Keane

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Brian K

Business card
Engineering & Technology
Co2 dragster
Exam part
Brian Keane
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
A machinist's job
is to repair and fix
machines, this job
can be interesting and
inspiring to people.
A machinist should
always be ready for any
job. They work high speed
machines and are
very advanced
at what they do.
You should be smart and
good with engineering to have
a great career like this.
How to make a PB and J:
Step 1: Grab two slices of bread,
peanut butter, jelly and a knife.
Step 2: Spread the peanut butter on
one slice of bread using the knife.
Step 3: Spread the jelly on the other piece
of bread using the knife.
Step 4: Put the bread together.
Step 5: Eat the sandwich
Recently I went to a car dealership, there were salesman trying to get you to buy their cars while I
watched a mechanic fix a car. Their were also more people inside the building on computers and
on the phone asking customers what they
needed help with or what car they wanted to buy. As you can see car dealerships have many jobs available to people. CTE can help you get these jobs too.
The engineering design process are the steps to creating a great project. They give you the steps and order you can create a project with. When you are trying to acheive something the engineering design process can help you alot.
Lets Go Design- Hot Rod Baby Buggy
On lets go design I learned they can stretch out the peices in an assembly to show all of the parts they are using. The Hot rod baby buggy is a baby stroller with room on the back for an adult to stand on to steer and drive the cart. The cart uses tracks as wheels and can travel up hill and in mud.
TSA is a great program for kids who are interested in engineering and technology. In TSA you can join different types of competitions like my favorite VEX robotics.
Job Reseme
My name is Brian K. I am a successful student at Haile Middle School and when I grow up I want to have a great engineering career. Right now I have an engineering class that I enjoy a lot. For next year in 7th grade I signed up for technology 2 to continue working with the VEX robotics and Solidworks. I am in a group called TSA, it is for kids who enjoy engineering and have an interest in maybe creating bridges or problem solving.
Name: Brian K.
Area: Bradenton, Fl Manatee county
Zip: 34212
This is a part that I attempted to make in 7 minutes with no tutorial. It was hard.
This robot is a called a humanoid, it can communicate with people, it can talk to them, it can walk and pick things up it is probably the start of a new generation of robots.
If I were to become an engineer in the future I would probably become a mechanical engineer. They use energy, material, and mechanics to build machines. Mechanics, energy, heat, mathematics, engineering science, design and manufacturing are the foundation of mechanical engineering.
This year I have used x,y, and z axis while I was building my VEX robot on solid works. I have to know where to put and how to put the robot together. If it is a good size then the robot won't tip over.I use y,x, and z axis in math to when I am graphing numbers .
Desirability means worth having or seeking. We use desirability when we are building our robot because we want to get it done and win the competition. Desirability motivates us to do better on our robot.
We need capability to build our robot so we know what to do. Capability means the ability to perform, we need to know some things about how to build a robot before we start. That's why we use the VEX website and protobot handbook.
Everyone needs to have viability so we can work as a team and take every ones idea. Without viability there would always be one person in control. Viability is important for every group to perform successfully.
How do wind tunnels simulate flight?
A smaller version of a plane is placed on a pedestal. Air is passing through the plane to show how aerodynamic the plane is. The air that passes by has to be smooth. The wind flowing through the plane has to be perfect and has to have a good speed. The wind needs to come at the plane as if the plane were really flying through the air outside. Caution must be taken when you are testing a plane because it is in a building so it can be dangerous. To see the wind passing by they can make a fog or dye the air so you can see the aerodynamics. The controller can change the wind. Like by changing the humidity, temperature or density. You can even change the temperature and viscosity.
If I were offered an SW job with Soul Craft I would work on mechanical energy and work on building things and work on using different tools to measure with.
I think he used 14 tools to make the bike.
Soul Craft
The lowest solid works paying job is 12 to 15 dollars. The highest solid works paying job is 200,000 to 250,000 dollars.
I am making the F-1 car
This is the blank
This is a survey I took on Survey Monkey.com
This is the start of the body
Computer Numeriacal Control or CNC is used to cut and shape metals and wood. Many engineers use this to make prototypes of bigger objects. It can change tools too. A CNC milling machine are important to engineers and the workforce. They are computerized and are very accurate when it comes to forming or shaping an object.
Project 1
This is further into the body
axle to the car
co2 cartridge
Project 2
01.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology
02.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of tech
03.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among technologies and the connection between technology and other fields of study
04.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology
05.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of technology on the environment
06.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of society in the development and use of technology
07.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of technology on history
08.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of design
08.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of design
09.0 Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design
10.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving
11.0 Demonstrate the abilities to apply the design process
12.0 Demonstrate the abilities to use and maintain technological products and systems
13.0 Demonstrate the abilities to assess the impact of products and systems
16.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use energy and power technologies
17.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies
18.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use transportation technologies
19.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use manufacturing technologies
20.0 Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies
21.0 Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of tools and machines in engineering technology
22.0 Demonstrate the ability to properly identify, organize, plan, and allocate resources
23.0 Demonstrate the functional characteristics of the engineering design team
24.0 Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the processes and systems related to engineering
25.0 Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the designing, engineering, and analysis of constructed works
28.0 Demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills
29.0 Demonstrate mathematics knowledge and skills.
30.0 Demonstrate science knowledge and skills
CTE or Career and Technical Education is a company that helps high school kids find their careers and find a job that suits them. Many students use this program to help them be successful and find their path. CTE points out ways to get a certain job. About 90% of CTE users are successful in school and eventually get a job. Not only does this company help you find a job but it helps you stay in school too. 27% of people with only there associates degree are more successful than someone with their bachelors degree. With a degree in CTE a student receives from $4,000- $19,000. There are, way less dropouts because of CTE. CTE is an encouraging company that cares for your future.

Trucks are helpful after certain disasters, they can carry, push or move heavy objects. Trucks are useful after tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and disaters involving crushed and falling objects.
Wheel part
This wheel was pretty simple to create.
It took a class period for it to be made and it was the first part made this week.
Latch part
This part was the easiest to
be made. It was the second
part made this week.
Fork spacer part
This part took a couple periods to complete. It was difficult but interesting.
1/31 Post
NASA is thinking about sending 1 billion dollars worth of parts to the International space station.
They are also sending a 3-D printing device so
they can design and create anything they need.
They will also get supplies including plastic and metal so they can build things like tools or
whatever they need. Advantages to this
include the astronauts being able to create
tools for their station.
Robotics in the medical field is a smart idea. Robots can do some things that humans can't. Robots are more specific and precise when it comes to operations. Robots are the future in the medical field, this idea will change operations and more humans will survive mass
Week of 2/3

de Laval nozzle
de Laval nozzles accelerate the flow of gas
Gear Ratio- Research Post 4/4/14
Gear Ratio- the ratio between the rates at which the last and the first gears rotate.
Gear Ratio- The relationship between the number of teeth on two meshing gears used to transmit motion.
Define the term Gear ratio and how gears change the way force is applied in high and low speed situations.
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