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tom and sara

a phone for tom and sara

Jade Griffiths

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of tom and sara

Finding a phone Tom and Sara Tom and Sara and looking for a phone that would help them when they go traveling. So they are looking for a phone that surf the internet to book hotels and flights to the next destination,
message their family using Skype,
keep their Facebook accounts updated so their friends know where they are and what they are up to, take video footage of places they visit,
find their way around without getting lost,
take good quality photos that they can upload to the web. Tom and Sara What phone I think is good
for them? <--- Samsung Galaxy
S III This is the right kind of phone for tom and Sara. Why
it good for them?? •Innovative Smart Stay feature
•Direct Call to make calling easier
•Best photo - choose the best of 8 shots
.8 mega pixel
•S-Beam for easier sharing
. makes surfing the internet quicker
.can connect with family and friends with the click of your finger
. skype calls
.social networking
ITS JUST EVERYTHING THEY NEED! This phone is good for them both because: They want this phone so it can take quality pictures, so having an 8 mega pixel cam,era can let them do this. Social networking- this is all they need to keep in touch with everyone, so example Facebook and twitter to keep on tract whats happening. Having direct calls makes there lives easier.The device knows when you want to call someone all you have to say is there name and its done for you. There's not the trouble of going into contacts or anything. That's what makes the phone so good! They wanted Skype so here is what they got, they have got an app so they can see and talk to there family and friends with know trouble at all.
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