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great wall of china, a history

No description

Jonathan Gritt

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of great wall of china, a history

Xionngu tribe map Qin Shihuan was the
first emperor of
China and the one that oversaw the completion of the wall.(Wikipedia) In some places, the wall is built on steep
cliffs, making it ever so harder to climb up to. a basic map of the wall THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: A HISTORY if there were three things
that you want to know about
the Great Wall of China... what would they be? When was the Great Wall of China
built, where and why did they build
it, and who oversaw its construction? I'll keep you on a need-to-know basis... ...but if there are going to be answers, there have to be questions. How many people did it take to build, how many of them died,were
they attacked? What were some military advantages
that the wall's height, width, length,
and features have? The Great Wall of China is a series of
stone and earth fortifications built
originally to protect China's northern borders
from intrusions by the Xiongnu tribe.
According to Wikipedia, theXiongnu tribe was a confederation of nomadic tribes from central Asia
with a ruling class of unknown
origin. These men were the
greatest horseback
warriors in the
world. According to John Briggs, construction on the wall began in the Qin dynasty around the third century B.C. Construction lasted an estimated 1500 years
and ended somewhere between 1368 and 1644.
Construction took about 1500
years and ended between 1368
and 1644. The wall was built by a combination of
laborers, comprising soldiers, common
people and even criminals. According to wikipedia, over one million people
were estimated to have contributed, most of which,
an estimated 800,000 died. When a worker died, they would throw
the body on the ground and use it for foundation
of a new section of the wall. Wikipedia states that the Mongols
attacked the Chinese many times
while they were building the wall.
Although the actual number of attacks was never recorded According to Wikipedia, there are many walls that were connected together to create
the great wall.
If you streched the walls out, the total distance would exceed 50,000 kilometers(31,000miles)...
...In some places, the wall is 7.8 meters high and 5 meters wide.
Along with the size of the wall,
there are some other features on
and around the wall that helped
the Chinese in many a battle. Watchtowers like
these helped them
to see an enemy or
threat aproaching
from a great distance. there are about 70 watchtowers spread out
along the wall John Briggs says that the watchtowers are
2 stories high. The first floor was used for
storage. The second floor was used for
lookout points and signal beacons. the first story was used for storage They used fires to signal other towers. 1 puff of smoke meant that 100 soldiers were
coming, and every puff of smoke after that meant an additional 500 soldiers. It would
take many hours to relay a message the length of the wall. Signal fires were sometimes called "Langyan"- meaning "wolve's smoke"
as the fires were often run on wolf dung. He also states that when the defenders
of the wall were overrun, they would
retreat into single-file passageways, so
the enemy could be taken out one by one. overall, the wall is an awesome feature that was
created by man. Infact it is one of the 7 wonders of the
ancient world. Thank you for watching.
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