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The General History of Virginia

No description

Ashton Gray

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The General History of Virginia

The General History of Virginia
- Published in 1624 and was wrote by John Smith.
- Earliest histories of the Virginia Company.
- Narrative Accounts: only first hand.
- 1614 John Smith was president of Virginia Company.
- Smith was poet, adventurer and mapmaker
- Settlers fought against all odds to find a new homeland away from England.
- As they settled Jamestown there was much struggle and sickness
- Audience: Wealthy English settlers
-Purpose: To tell about the early days of Jamestown
Important American Literature
- Shows relationship between early English settlers and American indians.
-Shows lifestyle of early settlers.
-Shows the history of John Smith's life from his perspective.
-Shows the settlers determination to establish their place in a new country and make a home.
Main Ideas
-The englishmen were struggling to settle in the new land. they encountered many struggles along with sickness and hunger.
-President took supplies, in greed, for his own use.
-Encountered indians and they brought them fruits and provisions
-Indians captured Smith for six or seven weeks
-Smith tried to escape and was hunted by some 200 bowmen.
-John Smith gifted Opechancanough, who was king, a ivory double compass dial.
-Smith and the indians were from such different places that they stood amazed at what he had done.
Writing Style
This selection from the book was a narrative account. A
narrative account
is somebody who tells a story of a real-life event. These accounts were recorded by John Smith, This selection consisted of first hand accounts.
First hand accounts
are by the people who lived through the significant historical event.
Second hand accounts
are written by people who researched the events but did not experience them. This type of writing would be descriptive because he used many descriptive phrases and it was more personal accounts than it was just information.

Review and Assess
Main Ideas
-As the king was about to kill him he held up the compass and refrained.
-The king again tried to kill smith but Pocahontas put her life before his and saved his life.
-Powhatan, the chief, tried to kill smith by leaving him in a house to burn him to death.
-As he attempted this he was encountered by 200 of his kind who told him that they should be friends with Smith and the other settlers
-Smith guided them to Jamestown to show them weapons
-They gifted some of their weapons to the indians in return for Smith
-Pocahontas and attendants brought fruit and provisions that saved many of the settlers lives for many of them were starved.
-John Smith praises God for his survival.
-Smiths main purpose of the story was to educate the reader on how the native americans and the early English settlers related to each other.
-A section that was hard to understand: "being thus left to our fortunes, it fortune that within ten days, scarce ten amongst us could either go or well stand. such extreme sickness and weakness"
The meaning was as everything happened they were sick and weak for 10 days.
-Captain John Smith refers to himself in third person throughout the selection. He wants the reader to understand who is speaking at the time.
-Smith's accounts were accurate but parts of his story were biased because of his point of view.
Interesting Vocabulary
-Fortuned: happened
-Sassafras: a tree, the root of which was valued for its supposed medical qualities
-Common Kettle: communal cooking pot
-Palisades: large pointed stakes set in the ground to form a fence used for defense.
-Engrossing to his privates: taking for his own use
-Pinnace: small sailing ship
-untoward: suborn
-Divers: several
-Gailed: wounded
-Fly and needle: compass
-Antipodes: two places on opposites sides of the Earth.
-Demiculverins: larges cannons
-Saker Falcon: small cannon

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