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Live a Little: Eat Potatos!

Chapter 3 Weaving it Together

Gül Varlı

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Live a Little: Eat Potatos!

What do you think????? Talking about food In which country there are special restaurants that serve only snakes?
Where did potatoes originally come from? What is a disease that is a problem today? *What is your favorite baked food?

*What is your favorite food when you eat at home?

* What is your favorite food when you eat out?

Which animal or plant has poison? In which part of the world, do people think the fish heads are the tastiest part of fish?
How often do
you eat potatoes? How do you like to eat potatoes? What do you eat french fries with? In which places in the world today do people suffer because they do not have enough food?
What are the causes? How can we avoid this problem? *Which plants are easy to grow?

*What foods are best for good health?

*What foods are not healthy?

*What is the main drink of your country?

*What is the main food of your country?
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