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Cyclone Hud Hud

No description

Keshav Reddy

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Cyclone Hud Hud

By- Keshav
Cyclone Hud Hud
A tropical cyclone is a circular storm that forms over warm oceans. When a tropical cyclone hits land, it brings heavy rains and strong winds. The winds can destroy buildings and rip out trees by their roots.It all starts when intense low pressure develops over an area.The air surrounding high pressure area rapidly flows towards this low pressure center is called the eye.the Coriolis affect and moisture are the reason why they rotate and move along a curved path.
Cyclone Hudhud had hit the eastern Indian coast, causing alot've damage and prompting the evacuation of some 350,000 people.Three people were killed in Andhra Pradesh and three in Orissa.The cyclone, classed "very severe", brought winds of 205km/h (127mph), as it passed over the coast near the city of Visakhapatnam.

About Hud Hud
The winds and heavy rains have brought down trees and power lines, and damaged crops and buildings in both states.
A storm surge of up to two metres flooded low-lying areas and hundreds of relief centres have been opened in the two states. Disaster relief teams have also been sent.Thanks to CM Chandrababu's timely response very few lives have been lost and lakhs evacuated.

Damage and Relief efforts
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