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Medal of Honor

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lib hist

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

William "Kyle" Carpenter
The Recipients
Jack Weinstein
During the 1950s during the Korean war Jack volunteered himself to stay behind and provide cover while his men drew their weapons. He killed 6 enemy combats. When he ran out of ammunition he used enemy grenades to keep their forces back while his fellow soldiers forced the enemy lines back. he remained his position and returned home safe. Mr. Weinstain reserved the medal of honor a few years after he passed away in April of 2014.
Common ground
Lucian Adams
Ross A. McGinnis
Mr. McGinnis showed sacrifice and honor by preforming a selfless act of bravery. When he was mantaining a MS .50 Calibar Machine gun, when a fragmentation granade fell through the gunners hatch into the vechile. He quickly yelled "Granade!". This allow all 4 members to prepare for the blast rather then leaping for safety. He decided to save his crew which left him severly wounded. He threw himself on the granade, absobing most of the blast. The aftermath was he saved 4 mens life.
Medal of Honor
by Kate Yarbrough
& Taylor Ferrante

Some facts about the Medal of Honor is that it was originally intended for the Navy, but years later the branches of the army expanded. Those military branches adopted the Medal of Honor as well. It was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. The Medal of Honor is the highest and rarest award in the military.
~ Theodore Roosevelt is the only U.S. president to receive the medal of honor.
~ It is illegal to have someone else wear the Medal of Honor that hasn't personally received it.
He showed sacrifice and honor by staying behind to cover for his men.

While Kyle was on a rooftop in Helmond Province Afghanistan in 2010 an enemy threw a grenade on the roof where Kyle and his men were. Kyle threw himself between the fellow marine and taking most of the explosion. They both suffered injuries but Kyles were very severe. He lost his right eye, had 30 fractions to his right arm , lost most of his lower teeth, went through 40 surgeries, he had to have pieces from the explosion removed from his brain and had penetrating wounds throughout his artery and neck. Kyle sacrificed his life for his friend and performed a selfless act .
Lucian shows sacrafice and honor by running into heavy open fire to take down machince guns and other gunners. He killed 9 Germans , eliminated 3 enemy machineguns, vanquished a specialized force which was armed with automatic weapons and a grenade launchers, clered the woods ostile elements and reopened the servered suupply lines to the assualt companies of his battalion. He shows a great deal of selflessness and sacarafice
The differentce between these 4 men is that they all fought in different parts of the world, at different times. But, what remains the same is that the men all faught for the same reason. Freedom, and love of their country. They all preformed selfless acts and are very worthy of the Medal of Honor.
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