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Therapeutic Services

madison sacramone p.8 therapeutic services

Madison Sacramone

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Therapeutic Services

how to achieve success in these services... What Degrees and qualifications
are needed? what have I learned... I learned that this career requires a great level of patience
and desire
to help people. I have also learned that this career requires many degrees and licenses Another thing I learned was Registration and license by a National Professional Organization. Career and Technical Courses or Degree Major Courses
(classes that can prepare you for this career) A masters degree is required
Complete a Therapeutic Service Major
(4-Year Degree Program) Therapists

Physical Therapists

Technician and assistant

Nurse practitioners etc. What personal qualities do you need to pursue a Therapeutic career? What do you do in this career path? Health professionals in this pathway work
directly with pacients;
They may provide
health education information caring to others
kind Introduction to Health Science

Health, Saftey and Ethics in the Health Enviorment

Employment in Health Occupations

Introduction to Therepeutic Services I am interested in this career because I do care about the well being of others. I am willing to go through the schooling needed in order to get the best learning experience possible. The Employment Outlook is very good. Careers are becoming more and more popular outside of the traditional hospital setting.
The graph bellow shows the Employment trends for Health Science careers. Therapeutic Services There are many Therapeutic
careers such as... Related careers are... Physicians
these careers do not require a masters degree like the others, they require a doctoral degree. Universery of Phoenix and
Ashford University Some colleges that I have in mind if I choose to go into this career... An overview of a career in Health Science Health Science Naviance. (n.d.). Retrieved Febuary 14, 2013, from https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/auth/login?hsid=wphs YouTube Bibliography average salary $84,000 average salary $85,000 average salary $39,000 average salary $95,000 average salary $84,000 average salary $103,000 In order to be successful in careers of Health science I will have to go through a lot of schooling and certifications. I will make sure I focus on my studdies so that I can get a great job in the work force. I would be willing to re-locate for my career. The SMART things to do to be sucessful... Somthing that I found interesting about this career is that there is alot of employment avalible. It is easy to re-locate because everywhere you go there are careers in Health Science. Based on my career interview on Christine Sacramone, who works as a Director of product development for the company Amscan in the division of Grasslands Road, I learned that the workforce keeps you on your feet and can be stressful at times. You should always be prepared for new challenges in any career. These careers require a Master Degree. My personal quilities acording to naviance... My personality type is ENFP
I am otgoing, enthisiastic and spontaneous.
I am very curious, ask a lot of questions and I am fascinated by people or things that are out of the ordinary.
I am good at thinking quickly on my feet and articulating my strengths effectively.
GPA; must meet the required grade point average GPA; 3.11
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