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Food, Wine, and Agriculture New York

This prezi is designed to escort you along my trip during the summer of 2010.

Avrohom Siegel

on 16 August 2010

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Transcript of Food, Wine, and Agriculture New York

Make it special! Be real Community first Try harder Tradition! Data management
is key to any kosher
supervising agency. Offices in Brooklyn, Brussels, China, India, and Israel. The OK features websites for Spanish and Mandarin speakers. TRACK stands for
Tracking, Researching, And Certifying Kosher System.
It contains over 100,000 individual products within its database. AKO is the Association of Kashrus Organizations.
It maintains an integrated database that connects
the product databases of the Star K, OK, OU, and Kof K,
making kashrus information available to the world. Kosher is a form of quality. Maintain consistent standards:
The Star K prides itself on
consistency within the
workplace. Rockland Bakery is open 117 hours a week!
How do they do it? System and simplicity Fulton Fish Market has been in operation since 1822.
Still a physical market in a physical warehouse, it embodies globalization of the food system in an absolute sense. Fish, purveyors, and buyers come from all over the world. From simple street folk to chefs at Michelin-star restaurants, all are equal in the eyes of the fish! Training matters Le Marais is a French bistro with a dedication to training their staff. After three days of cross-training on the floor, their front of the house staff sits in a classroom and a teacher brings home the lessons they learned. Le Marais has a core group of staff that have all been there for at least five years. The runner for my table has been a runner at Le Marais for 13 years! They must be doing something right. Total Check from the Prime Grill:
1 app, 1 entree, 2 glasses of wine, 2 desserts... $138.27 before tip?! And the runner did not know which table or seat number to bring the food! Something does not add up...? The restaurant Basil believes in quality ingredients to make a quality product. Their back of the house staff consists exclusively of people who became religious later in life and have tasted quality outside of the kosher world. Basil's GM/Front of the House Manager told me that she "knows nothing about food." There seems to be a disconnect between theory and practice. Here is a plate from My Most Favorite Food. Does this make sense? Let your personality shine Solo features a unique fusion of cuisine.
From Wagyu Beef Sliders to knock-out desserts, their selections get the job done. Quality food and a high standard of kashrus provide a great deal of value. Beauty in simplicity Jacques Torres, chocolatier, tempers all of their chocolate by hand. Tradition does not always come at the expense of quality. Colin McGrath and Sprout Creek Farm really belong in the circle, so imagine this is a satellite circle. The epitome of artisan craft lives at Sprout Creek Farm. Colin lives his cheese. It has nothing to do with the constant aroma that most likely permeates every article of clothing he owns. It has to do with his passion and connection to his product. Sprout Creek Farm cheeses are special. They have personality unmatched by any mass-produced, commercially-driven dairy product. Who's that? Avrohom on his day of cheese! The Community Corner The Poughkeepsie Farm Project's Community Home Garden is a 20'X20' area that is available for members of the Poughkeepsie community to grow produce. That's some quality home-grown awareness! "This is the only thing that is going to save the earth. That is why I'm passionate about it." -KK from KK's Biodynamic Farm KK does not plow her fields, because she does not believe in upsetting the balance of topsoil that nature has intentionally provided. KK believes that one should utilize positive environments for pest prevention and nutrification of the soil, rather than by forcing nutrients and pesticides on her plants. KK is taking real action to alert farmers and community members of the dangers of petrochemicals. Major lessons from this trip: 1. The modern food system is becoming ever increasingly global.
A positive way to stand out is with the quality of your product. 2. Product differentiation can happen on many levels, so take a lesson from a thief:
Do your work quietly.
Plan everything before you begin.
Regard a small detail as you would a fundamental principle.
If at first you don't succeed, try again until you get it right. And now from out of left field, some kosher comic relief! 3. View training not as a sacrifice, but rather as an investment. Your staff will thank you; so will your bottom line! 4. Strength in numbers:
Connecting with your competition allows for greater political bargaining power and increased research and development potential. The Riverhead Farm Bureau is a political organization that lobbies for Long Island farmers' rights. Small farms on the island are getting hit very hard by the death tax, because real estate values are so high. The tax is causing children to sell their deceased parents' farms in order to stay out of debt. CASA - Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture Challenges make the community stronger. Kosher supervising organizations all face two major common issues:
1. Of all the thousands of products that are kosher certified, how does one maintain an active, reliable, up-to date database?
2. Kosher supervising organizations must make payroll and other basic expenses. Linking financial goals to kosher policy can taint one's enforcement of the policy depending on the potential loss or gain. Farmers face financial issues, too. The vast majority of their expenses come at the beginning of the year, while their main revenue generating happens in the late summer and into the fall. How do farmers keep their doors open? All of these kosher supervising organizations have linked their product databases and are constantly updating, researching, and interfacing regarding products all over the world. They also send emissaries to smaller kosher supervising organizations to help educate their kosher supervisors about the most recent updates to the kosher industry. Separate departmentalization of financial and Jewish legal responsibilities help maintain integrity within larger kosher organizations. BS"D
Are you ready to step into the kosher food system?
A prezi by Avrohom Siegel Much gratitude to:
Star K Kashrus Organization, OK Kosher Laboratories, Pearlstone Retreat Center, Rockand Bakeries, the New Fulton Fish Market, Jacques Torres, Sprout Creek Farms, Colin McGrath, Poughkeepsie Farm Project, Asher Burckhart-Spiegel, Wicham's Fruit Farm, KK Farm Stand, Abigail's on Broadway, Pasta Factory, Sol Kirschenbaum, Solo, My Most Favorite Food, Le Marais, Eduardo M., his runner whose name I did not actually get, Prime Grill, Basil, Daniel Branover, Mike's Bistro, and Kedem Wineries for taking their time to answer my questions and opening their doors for me to be able to further my professional education in a way that is beyond quantification. The kosher Pearlstone Retreat Center in Reisterstown, Maryland, hosts a sustainable, organic farm, called the Kayam Farm on its grounds. The farm participates in CASA and also runs camps in the summer and programs throughout the year. Finally "clean food" is making the long-awaited and overdue union with kosher food.
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