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Sparnadur - Incentive

No description

Robert Gudmundsson

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Sparnadur - Incentive

Friday the day of arrival
Sparnadur - Incentive
Paris 2013

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The schedule!!!
In Paris we have set up a minor :-) but very interesting plan for our top sellers... Let´s have a short look of the programm
Safely departure from Paris and a motivated arrival in Iceland.
Now let´s keep on rocking the sales for the last few months of the year so that you and the rest of the sales team will achieve another record braking year like you achieved in 2012... It is looking gooooood...
The journey starts in Reykjavik - a cold autumn morning and the first goal for our exclusive group is Keflavik Airport
How it all starts
The transportation
On this cold autumn morning the group arrives in Keflavik. Here the transportation to Paris awaits :-)
After a light breakfast, it is only 06:15 when the group of extraordinary good sales personal arrives at the airport - but no worries the airplane and a weekend adventure is waiting.....
After the landing in Paris and the quick bus tour to the Hotel everybody has some time to
look around the Montparnasse neighborhood.. We then meet
in the Hotel Lobby at 18:30
and our Journey goes to.......
Saturday, the day of freedom, good dining and a little party :-)
A day in Paris and what to do... Well we thought it should be up to you to decide how you spend your day but to be sure that everybody sees the most of Paris everybody will get an 24 Hour "Hop on hop off" bus tour ticket.... Again we meet at the hotel lobby but now at 19:30
A glimps of what the night will bring us to be seen in the two videos...
The begin of an awesome weekend.
After your arrival in Paris and the obligatory "bon jour" at the airport a bus will transfer you to the well know 4 star Hotel Marriot in the Montparnasse neighborhood in Paris
Paris - Montparnasse
Sunday, and the journey comes to an end - at least for the most of us :-)
The sunday morning can be planned as anyone sees fit - the only VERY important thing is that everybody meets at 10:40 in the hotel lobby and our bus will pick us up at 11:00 for the journey to the airport "c´est la vie"
Friday, the day of the arrival.......
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