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Marcus bird

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Soccer

Soccer facts
since 1952 Hungary has won the most olmpic gold metals spain is the most successful team in soccer
most goals scored in one game was done by french player Pele one of the best soccer players is Lionel Messi
cool facts: soccer players usually run around 6 miles in a game Canada and USA call soccer soccer other countries call it football
the modern soccer ball was originated of a human head.
A soccer ball is made of a number of panels stitched together. the most common soccer ball has 32
A soccer field is supposed to be 50 to 100 yards wide and 100 to 130 long and it must be the shape of a rectangle
other facts: the first black soccer player was 1800 Arthur wharton. the first soccer game started in china: Brazil has won the most world cups
the youngest soccer professional player is 12 by the name Mauricio Baldivieso
one of the fastest soccer player in he world is Lionel Messi
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