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H-1B Ready to Work Grants Performance Reporting: Getting Started on HUB Phase 1

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Ayreen Calimquim

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of H-1B Ready to Work Grants Performance Reporting: Getting Started on HUB Phase 1

Keep in Mind
The HUB is not a case management system.

The HUB is a web-based reporting database system.
What is HUB?
HUB is the online portal where H-1B Ready to Work Grantees will upload data files to generate a Quarterly Progress Report* (QPR) and their Quarterly Narrative Report (QNR).
HUB Grantee Profile Homepage
HUB Feature Part II:
Upload Narrative Reports, Submit and Certify!

Welcome to our HUB Performance Reporting System Technical Assistance (TA) training for H1-B Ready to Work Grantees. This presentation is a prerequisite viewing to the live webinar, “HUB Performance Reporting System Preview and Tutorial for H-1B Grantees” to be held Thursday, February 5, 2015.

This TA presentation is designed for grantee staff responsible for tracking participant records, creating grantee data files, uploading data files and submitting reports to HUB. Staff may include data entry and IT personnel, case managers, program managers and directors.
Save the date! Live webinar at 3:00 p.m. ET, February 5, 2015.
Please save the date for the Ready To Work performance reporting live Webinar on Thursday, February 5, 2014 from 3:00-4:30 pm EST. The purpose of this live Webinar is to orient H-1B Ready To Work grantees the quarterly performance reporting requirements of their grant, introduce an interim reporting process (while ETA seeks OMB approval for data elements and forms), and introduce the H-1B HUB reporting system. An official webinar invite and event web link has been provided via email from RTW@dol.gov.
Ready to Work grantees will submit Quarterly Narrative Reports by entering sections of the Narrative Report to text box field entries in HUB.

Please note:
These text fields are identical to the sample Narrative template already provided.
Ready to Work Grantees may upload up to two additional documents to support their Quarterly Progress Reports.
Step 1: Enter Narrative Reports in Input Fields
Adventures in H-1B Performance Reporting
A Silent Prezi on Getting Started with HUB
The Authorized Representative will need to log on to HUB to review each HUB-generated Quarterly Performance Report form and Quarterly Narrative Report. The Authorized Representative is responsible for certifying that the information is accurate and authorizing the submission to DOL using the PIN provided. The accuracy of certified performance reporting data remains the responsibility of the signatory/certifying official, regardless of who enters the information.
Step 3:
Submit & Certify
Final Step! Once a Narrative File is submitted, your reports are ready to be certified.
*Please note:

For this specific quarter only, grantees will not be reporting participant data via upload of a participant data file into HUB. In addition, HUB will not produce a QPR form reflecting participant data.
Step 2: Upload Additional Documents
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