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John Savage

No description

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of John Savage

John Savage
Character traits
~ Only person in the brave new world to be born naturally, his mother being Linda, and his father being the Director, Tomakin.

~In both society and the savage reservation, he is considered to be an outcast.

~He was abused as a child and then became the abuser (The scene with him and Lenina,

~His love for English literature (Shakespeare) John wants his relationship with Lenina to be like Romeo and Juliet’s, but just like in the play, they are from two different worlds

~He basically raised himself (Considering his mothers actions)

Without this character...
~If John Savage was not present in the novel we would not have the strong contrast between the two different societies (the savage reservation, “normal” society)

“Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.”
John quotes this from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, at first he is excited to see the brave new world for the first time, but he then he is repulsed by it.

“You got rid of them. Yes, that’s just like you. Getting rid of everything unpleasant instead of learning to put up with it.”
John says this to Mustapha Mond, and it tells us exactly what he feels about the world that they live in, it’s too easy for everyone.

“But instead of also saying ‘Darling!’ and holding out his arms, the Savage retreated in terror, flapping his hands at her as though he were trying to scare away some intruding and dangerous animal”
When John rejects Lenina’s advances he becomes angry and attacks her, he wants an amorous and loving relationship with Lenina instead of the promiscuity that is encouraged in their society.

“The Savage had seized him by the collar, lifted him clear over the chair and, with a smart box on the ears, sent him flying away.” (When the boy was watching Linda die)
Shows how emotional and violent he can be, and how displeased he is with the way their society treats death.

“Oh, my God, my God!” (when he remembered what he had done to Lenina).
Shows how guilty he felt about what had happened, which lead to him hanging himself. He became part of the society that he was disgusted by.

Contribution to the author's ideas
John savage is the ultimate outsider, rejected by both the "savage" indian culture as well as the "civilized" World State culture. Huxley used John as a contrasting character within the novel. He represents humanity, provoking thought when compared to the Brave New World as a whole. He desires something more than what is being presented to him, he does not comprehend the actions of those around him. He wants something more.
His infatuation with the work of Shakespeare allows for the reader to make the connection between the past and the present. Shakespeare writes and represents the morals, values and emotions of people in the past, and shines a light on the fact that said morals, values and emotions have now been abandoned within the World State. Johns immense desire for these things represent, in a way, their importance.
Within the World State, happiness is prioritized above truth. John acted as a contrast to this idea, allowing the reader to gain a more in depth perception of the novel.
Character Arch
As soon as John's character is introduced in the novel, we have a new perspective on the "Brave New World". He has had to raise himself and enjoys his solitude which contrasts to brave new world. His interaction with society allows him to see how different it is compared to where he came from. At the end of the novel, he is the main protagonist and all he wants is to be alone and away from everyone. One of the main turning points would be the death of his mother (Linda). During his solitude, he gets many visitors from the brave new world who fly in by helicopter to see him and his whipping tribute. When Lenina shows up he gets lost in emotions calling her a prostitute and begins to whip her. After that occurs the people begin to chant "Orgy-porgy" which John becomes involved in. It mentions in the novel that when he awakes from the soma and sensuality of the night that he realizes what he had done. He gave into the temptation of society and for that he is ashamed, therefore kills himself.
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