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Youth WorkSource Orientation

No description

Adriana Dillon

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Youth WorkSource Orientation

Welcome to
LA Harbor College
Youth WorkSource Center
Orientation What is L.A. Harbor College
Youth WorkSource Center? Find out what kind of job you want.
Higher education = Better job= More $$
Support from a caring staff
Monthly follow-up from your case manager
Find out what schools are out there and what a degree can do for your future.
Find someone you can really talk to. We will help you reach your goals! What Does This All Mean For Me? Once in the program, what can you expect? Los Angeles Harbor College
Youth WorkSource helps: On & Off Campus Tutoring Resources
Financial Literacy Workshops
Help finishing high school/ obtaining GED
Educational Plan Assistance Educational Track Career Track Job Readiness Workshops
On/Off Campus Certificate Programs WE ARE HERE FOR YOU You get Tutoring for your Classes
You get your High School Diploma
You get Training to start a job
You go to College
You get a Job!
You be SUCCESSFUL! Success Story How staying in school can lead to a big payoff The Big Payoff Education Income over lifetime $1.2 Millon $2.1 Million High School Diploma 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree $2.5 Million Doctoral Degree $3.4 Million Your Future Starts Now... Identify your interests to explore your career options
Review your educational history
Find the appropriate academic setting
Develop work & study skills
Gain knowledge on how to budget time & money How we help you: We are the 1st Community College based program that provides assistance to youth 17 to 21 who want to be successful in school and be prepared to enter the workforce. Magali Sanchez- Hall Immigrant and former Wilmington Resident
Obtained GED
Graduated from LAHC
Transfer to UCLA
Preparing for the LSAT Remember:
Your Success is Our Success Being committed to:
12 months of services at the center
Followed by an additional
12 months of support to make
sure they stay on track to achieve their
short or long term goals
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