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Mentoring in a Box

No description

Maya H.

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Mentoring in a Box

Mentoring In a Box
Providence, RI
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Preparation
3. Kickoff
4. Stewardship
Kenneth Senus
SVP, Information Technology of Navigant Credit Union

George Carvalho
RI State Director, Office of US Senator Sheldon White House

Sally Lapides
President and CEO of Residential Properties, Inc.

Angel Taveras
Mayor of Providence

Rajani Mahadevan
VP, Information Systems of Beacon Mutual

Jaymin Patel
President and CEO of GTECH Corporation

A. Students
- Student Pre-reading
- Mentor Lesson Plan

B. Presenting the Mentoring

C. Recruitment Materials/E-mails
- Become a Mentor Flyer
- "Great to Meet You" (Jamie)
- Introductory Meeting (Jim)
- Thank You Follow-Up (Kevin)
- Mentor Ask (Marie)
- Meeting Your Mentee (Richard)

Student Pre-reading
Recruitment Materials/E-mails
A. Orientation Points
B. Agenda
C. John Torres' Speech
D. Materials
E. Photos
Presenting the Mentoring Program
A. Take Your Mentee to Work Day
B. Mentor Visit Report Form
C. Newsletter for Mentors
D. 100 Point Email to Mentor
E. Mentor Kickoff Thank You
F. Mentor Check-in
G. Student Survey About Mentors
H. Weekly Status Report
I. Mentor Relationship Chart
Orientation Points
Newsletter for Mentors
100 Point Email to Mentor
An Introductory Note
The following materials are a packaged version of Providence’s “Mentoring in a Box.” We’ve included all of the materials that the Providence team uses to recruit, train, and manage relationships with mentors. In addition to their volunteer role, we also invite all mentors (including mentors from past cycles) to our fall fundraiser (gala).

For questions, please reach out to Bobby Gondola, Director of Development at
or Tekla Moquin, Manager of Development and Influence at

Mentor Kickoff Thank You
Mentor Check-in
Student Survey About Mentors
John Torres' Speech
Gerald's Digital Story
Weekly Status Report
Used in order to track mentor relationships to keep advisors and mentor relationship managers informed
Mentor Relationship Chart
Bobby Gondola
Director of Communications
Meghan Hughes
Executive Director, Year Up Providence
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