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Intro to Measurement

Scientific Measurement with rulers, thermometers, scales, hand lenses, microscopes, balances, anemometers, rain gauges, barometers and hygrometers

Jackie Spengler

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Intro to Measurement

Scientific Measurement Ruler Thermometer Scale Microscope Balance Scale Anemometer Rain Gauge Barometer Hygrometer Measures... length Graduated Cylinder English Ruler Metric Ruler millimeters Centimeters/ Inches Measures... Temperature Fahrenheit Celcius Measures... Microscopic Things Things too tiny for the eye to see Measures... Weight Spring Scale Measures... Volume Of a liquid
An Irregular Object Measures... Amount of Rain Fall Measures... The pressure of
the atmosphere Compares the weight
of two objects Measures... The speed of the wind Measures... Water Vapor (Humidity) Clock Measures... Time Hand Lens Used to view
objects more
closely Weight of an object by hanging Now we can practice measuring with a ruler together

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