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No description

Wyn Jones

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Robots

Robot Instructions
Let's Make a Robot!
Step 2
Step 3
Step 5
Example Design
Example Design
How many pieces are there?

Can you guess which pieces are the legs?
Look at all of the pieces!

Step 1
Put piece 1 and 2 together!
Put piece 3 and 1 together!
Put pieces 4 and 5 on the robot.

Step 4
Design your robot!
What do you think it is?
I think you know what it is....
It's a Penguinbot!
Which of these words makes you think about robots?
Make a list in your notebook.
What could robots be used for?
Here are some examples.
Robots could be used to clean the house.
Robots could be used to cook food.
Robots could be used to play soccer.
Can you think of other things robots could do?
Write 3 sentences in your notebook and draw a small picture for each robot.
Date of Birth:
What can I do?:
What can they do?
My friend's robot can...
Use the words in the list to make 3 sentences about robots.
Example: Robots are exciting.
Next Lesson: Make Your Own Robot!
Find a Freind
Ask your friend what their robots could be used for

Here are some questions you could ask:
What could your robot be used for?

How could it do those things?

When in the future could it be made possible?

How could this robot improve your life?
Before we leave, can you name these body parts on a robot?
Use this material to make the body.
Think about what your robot could do.
Think about how the robot could look.
Now design your robot in your notebook and label all of its bodyparts.
Can you guess what the penguinbot can do?
It can fish.
It can fly.
It can dance.
Have you finished?
Begin to make your robot.
What can your robot do?

Discuss with a friend.
What can they do?
My friend's robot can...
What can they do?
My friend's robot can...
Let's make an identity for you robot.
Discuss these questions with your friend.
What's your robot's name?

When is your robot's birthday?

Where does your robot live?

What is your robot's job?

How does your robot feel?

What hobbies does the robot have?

What can your robot do?
Complete the below profile.
Find 3 friends and ask about their robot.
Make a story about your robots with your friends.
True or False
The word robot comes from the Czech word robota, meaning 'forced work or labour'.
Over a million robots are used in factories, almost half of these are in Japan
The first robot to kill someone was in 1981. The arm of factory robot crushed a Japanese worker.
There is a robot football team that recently beat Manchester United 2-0.
Lesson 1: The World of Robots
Lesson 2: Make a Robot
Lesson 3: Robobook
Lesson 4: A Robot Story
Here are sometings to consider:
Where is the story set?

Try brainstorming some ideas.

Think about a story you like and adapt it.

Think about a beginning, a middle and an ending for your story.

The best stories usually have a rising tension that leads to a turning point.

Ask your teacher for help.
Make a Story Board
Once you have written your script, make a story board for the video.
Film the story with your friends.
Share the film on the class page at https://www.edmodo.com/.
Vote for your favourite film.
The film with the most votes will be shown at the beginning of next class.
See you next time!
Show your robot to your classmates.
Here's a tip!
If you're not sure about the meaning of a word, use this translation website:
Or, look it up in the dictionary!
When you go home...
Upload your profile to to edmodo and share it with the class!
Each robot should have a speaking part.

Use information from your robobook profile.

Write your story in your notebooks.

Once finished, film your story using the robots we made.
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