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What is a typical Australian

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of What is a typical Australian

After I researched my information
Holiday's and Vehicles
We go on holidays to many places around Australia and in Australia but we don't go far away from Australia. Most Australians go on holidays to Fiji or Hawaii.

My parents own 2 vehicles, both of them are cars. That's the sames as the Census.
What I thought a typical Australian was
Before I researched my information I thought a typical Australian had a family of 4, (2 children and 2 adults) I also thought they worked as a nurse (for women) and a doctor (for men). I had also thought that a typical Australian had 2 pets, a front and back yard, a pool and a trampoline.
What Is A Typical Australian?
Devices and Occupations
My family owns 36 devices all together, most of them are mine and my dad's. Which is more than what a typical australian has. They have around 20 to 25 devices.

My Dad's occupations are project manager, he works at Qsuper. My mum does not work.
The Census said that the most popular job is a sales retail worker.
Houses and Yard
I live in a one storey house with my sister, mum and dad. The Census has stated that most Australians have a two storey house.

We have a front and back yard, The Census had said that, that is also the same.
After I researched my information I realized I was only sort-of a typical Australian, because I have 4 people in my family (that's part of the Census) but I have 2 girls where as the Census said that most families have a boy and a girl. In my family we have 2 parents, a dog and almost a cat.
By : Ruri Wilson
Census Data
The data I collected had stated that a typical Australian has a front and back yard with a pool and a trampoline. Most Australians also have a pet, 63% has a pet and 83% had a pet sometime in their life. Most Australians have 20 to 25 devices including computers and phones, 85% of people aged 18-24 own their own devices, and 86% of people aged 25-34 own devices for the house. The average job for an Australian is a sales retail worker, there are 556,403 retail sales workers in Australia 68% are female and 32% are male. Most people in Australia go on holidays to places like Fiji and Hawaii, 13% Hawaii, 16% Fiji,
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