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Did you know? FYE

What can the Digital Union do for you?

Megan Troyer

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Did you know? FYE

Digital Union Digital Union Services Facilities & Equipment Learning Technology Services Computer Labs - http://lt.osu.edu/locations-hours/

Free Printing (50 pages/ per quarter at select computer Labs)

Buckeye Bar--Ground Floor of Thompson Library

Equipment Loan

Hands on help with popular software
Multimedia Editing
Video editing/iMovie + Final Cut
Various Workshops
Access to Lynda.com (Online Tutorials) Multimedia Lab
Learning Collaboration Studio
Whisper Room
Microsoft Surface Table
Evaluational Equipment:
Green screen
Pulse Pen
iPods & Tripods
Flip Camera
Assorted Still and Video Cameras
Mac and Windows laptops Resources Digital Storytelling Website
Creative Commons links
Understanding Fair Use
Current.com Training
Digital Union Blog How about a tour? Learning Technology Resources (Continued) Microsoft Online Tools through Buckeyemail

Carmen/Carmen Locker (48 MB storage)

Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25GB of online storage, enabling users to upload files of any type to the cloud and access them via the web. Files permissions for viewing or editing files can be set to public, private, or specific users and groups. SkyDrive also offers integration with Microsoft Office Web Apps for editing Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote documents in the browser.
http://skydrive.live.com/ Best used as a storage space for important documents that you might have turned in through Carmen.
First compress the files using an archiving software, then upload to Carmen Locker. This is a new feature to Carmen. It allows anyone to access the site, but you must have a OSU
login to edit Wiki pages. This can be a great resource to share and edit class information, and revisit
it later when you need it for future classes.
Must use your BuckID to print On the opposite side from the Oval, Buckeye Bar is a great place to
get answers to technology related questions. Equipment can be loaned from Media Services in the Central Classroom building. You must get a permission form from Media Services, have it signed by the professor teacing the class you need the equipment for, then return it to Media Services. Undergrads are loaned equipment for a maximum of 3 days.

The form is online here: http://lt.osu.edu/assets/LE/Equipment-Loan-Permission-Form.pdf Welcome to The Learning
Collaboration Studio! The LCS is an experimental
classroom sponsored by the Digital Union
which is a service of The Office of the Chief
Information Officer
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